fuel coming out of evap canister?

so i just took my 88 sentra out of storage to drive, last spring i blew the fuel pump and was having some problems with it. i changed the fuel pump, FPR, fuel filter etc. the car has been running great the past few days. today i was working outside and all of the sudden i could smell gas, turns out its pissing out of the bottom hose of my evap canister. any ideas why this might be happening??

Was the work done by you or another? Because It could as simple as the wrong EVAP line to the wrong port on the canister. Alternatively it could be a small blockage in the line which you should be able to blow out with air. Or simply the canister has a leak.

These are just basic educated guesses. So poke around and see what happens.

i did all the work. i dis connected the lines just now and there is a constant drip of fuel coming from the line that is connected to the hardline going to the fuel tank…

Is this car FI or Carb (i think it was carb but I want to be sure)? Is this when the ignition is off or is it still on?

it is the carb version. it just randomly started leaking fuel just now, the car has not since last night when i fueled it up. i loosened my gas cap and there was alot of pressure built up. guessing that was my problem :rolleyes:

Did you keep going pass the auto-shut off? Because if you did then you would have filled the EVAP line too. And thus you leak. Did that once before a track event and had a nice wet gas stain all over my engine bay.

And sorry for being next to no help…