GBtires Introduction!

What’s going on everyone. I just want to formally introduce myself, Samson, the owner of GBtires. I’ve been in the 240 scene for about 2-3 years and recently participated in the 2007 CSCS Championship Drift Series. I plan on continually improving as a driver and to also help the drift scene grow here in Ontario.

The Mission of GBtires:
To provide the lowest possible cost on brand name tires, allowing car enthusiasts to SAFELY enjoy their hobby and to also help boost the Ontario Drift scene.

The Reason why GBtires was created:
The idea happened almost 1 year ago when I decided that I wanted to take a totally different approach in how people purchased their tires with keeping the costs at a bare minimum. I wanted to approach it coming from a driver’s point of view with a tight budget, always purchasing tires every month.

I couldn’t go along with the idea because I was too overwhelmed with other things in my life, and I passed this idea to a good friend of mine. Most of you probably know him :wink:

Now that everything is newly up and running, these next couple of months will be CRUCIAL to those that want to save some cash. I will be pushing tires at a incredibly low price to give back to the community, and to also help those drivers that have a very tight budget but still want to enjoy their hobby.

I accept EMT for the required 30% deposit before placing an order or I can meet up somewhere in Mississauga. A lot of SON members can vouch for me as a good portion of them know me personally on or off the track, or have done some type of business with me. If you’re hesitant, please ask around! EMT payments can be sent VIA email to

phone #: working on getting a dedicated line

Methods of Purchase
GBtires does not have a store front so unfortunately mounting and balancing cannot be done. The way I primarily operate is through Group Buys, hence the name GBtires. This allows for the lowest possible cost for tires. However, for those customers who need it next day, this can also be arranged!! Pick-up can be anywhere in Mississauga, or Delivery can be done at a $15 fee anywhere in the GTA (after April).

Discount Program

  1. Frequent Buyer Discount
    Those that really put the rubber to the floor and purchase tires every month or two, this program is for you! Purchases are counted for 1 full year and include winter and summer tires. This also works as a referral program in a way that if you know someone that is interested in tires, but don’t buy tires frequently, you can buy it for them and collect these “points” for yourself, which add onto your account. Also, these points cannot be added if the item has a limited quantity or if it is on special.

The breakdown works like this:
4-6 Sets 5% off my price
7-9 Sets 8% off my price
10+ Sets 10% off my price

Tire sets that are below $300 value, will be counted as “1/2” set

For items with an amount of greater than $850 such as rims, rim and tire packages or just plain expensive tires, it will be counted as “1.5” sets

GBtires wants to play a very significant role in the Motorsport scene. For that reason, we will be accepting applications from driver’s who think they’ve put a great amount of effort into sharpening up their skills ON THE TRACK and believe they can represent GBtires in a professional manner.

Because GBtires is new, a limit of only 3 drivers can be picked.

Applications will be made shortly, so bare with me!

I can be contacted at

Thanks a lot for your time, I look forward to doing business with all of you!