Going solar?


I am pretty sure the energy credits are 12 month rolling


Nope. Not since March.

  •                         What happens if my system produces more kWh than I need?
                          Effective March 9th, 2017, the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) enacted a new way
                  <i>in which excess energy production will be accounted for. The Net-Metering credit (NEM) is now referredto as VDER Phase One (Value of Distributed Energy Resources). </i><i>1</i><i>Projects interconnected after March 9</i><i>th</i><i>,2017 will be subject to a compensation term length of 20 years from their </i><i>in-service </i><i>date and will havethe ability to carry-over excess credits to subsequent billing and annual periods, subject to furtherstipulations per the PSC. </i><i>The VDER Phase One does not permit the payout of credits at any timeincluding at the end of a projects annual period. </i>


NRG said they were only allowed to size my system for 65% of my usage.


Now that the system has been running a couple weeks I figured I’d post an update. Cranked out 573 KwH as of 1:30pm today. On a nice clear sunny day I’m hitting over 50 a day. My electric bill this month was a little over half of what it should have been and that’s because the system was only turned on the last 10 days of that bill. Next month’s will be the $17 minimum for the meter since I have 125 KwH of banked credit already showing on the National Grid net meter. Full disclosure, I shouldn’t have been able to bank that much this fast but we were out of town Monday-Sunday last week with almost no electrical load in the house. I’m still generating more than we use each day when we’re home but not banking credits as fast now.

Couldn’t be happier with how it’s working so far. With the National Grid rate hike that’s likely coming this investment is only looking better.


Jay, do you know if we’ll be getting 13 bills instead of 12 with National Grid? This new bill we just received looks like a normal bill for usage, but I’ve heard that when you switch to Net Metering, it’s supposed to just be an $18 bill each month and then after 12 months, a “reconcile” bill to either pay your kWh used or they pay you for leftover…

Since I won’t be receiving credits, since my electric car will always put me over my solar usage… I’m not too concerned. I’d expect a small bill every month, because of it.

However, it’d be cool to just have an $18 bill each month and then just pay $400 at one time, to pay for the kWh used over the year…


Pretty sure we still just get 12 regular bills and it will be $17 as long as you make more than you use or have enough credits banked to cover the difference. If you didn’t cover your usage you’ll just get a bill showing your net cost after solar.


Another solar milestone, $100 generated on 20 days production.


I want to see the difference during the Eclipse. Find a way to record output. :slight_smile:


@Blue_Eyed_Devil … As requested. Not a cloud in the sky today so it should have been a nice bell curve. Instead it’s like someone turned down the sun between 1:15 and 3:50.


That is pretty neat!

I could definitely feel the difference. The sun was pretty strong yesterday before the eclipse but then…


very cool stuff


I still ended the day with 41.1 kWh. On a perfectly clear day like yesterday I should have hit 52-53 so it wasn’t as bad a hit as I expected considering the eclipse was right in the middle of my peak generating time since the majority of my panels are on the west facing side of my roof.


That’s real cool!


Looks like Tonawanda is starting the same program Amherst did.


Only difference is they dropped Frey Electric and they’re going with just CIR and Solar Liberty. Not a big surprise considering Frey came in highest of my 3 quotes and both CIR and Solar Liberty said Frey was more into commercial work. Frey was also the only one to do their quote without even stepping foot on my property so it kind of confirmed they weren’t really that serious about their bid.


I might have to seriously look at this now. I have a 3 car garage with one side facing due South…


Yes, I saw this last week and I will give it a shot again.


I still have access to the solar design tool, if anyone would like me to do a quick assessment for their house. NOTE: I am NOT an installer. I just happened to play around with it when getting them installed on my house.

Just PM me your address and the last 12 months of your usage in kWh. I can do a quick check from the design tool and see what can potentially fit on your roof…

Usage is a choice on the National Grid website and you can do an Export of a spreadsheet. Toss me the whole thing if you want… anything helps.

Again, not a sales pitch. I don’t work for a solar place. I just happen to have the tool still and the knowledge to at least say “It’s worth it for you to get some real quotes” :slight_smile:


Sent you a PM


Did you get my PM?

I just submitted my free assessment through Solarize Tonawanda


Got my first 0 usage bill this week. With 174 kWh banked.