Going solar?


Hey! Crap, I did and totally blanked out on it! Thanks for the poke.

Your roof is pretty sizable! You can fit at least 17 panels on each side. Since it’s an east/west facing roof, you’ll probably be quoted for panels on both sides so that you can sun throughout the day.

Even better news is that you’ll be able to fit a system up there to cover your usage AND you can use less expensive, lower KW panels. You’ll need more panels that way, but you should be seeing a cheaper installation cost!

My panels were $2.75/W installed, due to my needing the 320W LG panel. I had a quote for Seraphim 315W panels for $2.50/W. On you roof, if you go with more 280W panels, it should be WAY down in price in comparison.

When you get the free assessment, just toss their quote on over and I can tell you if it’s good or bad. When I did my system, CIR and Solar Liberty both came in with similar systems and in the end, they negotiated both of their prices down. MEANING, the first offer is the sucker offer. :wink:


So how has the solar output been in winter? Short days… snow…


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I was below my target output but it was a colder and snowier winter than average so that was to be expected. I didn’t lose out on much though because even with clear skies my estimated output wasn’t much over the winter months. System has been cranking serious power since March and looks to be on target for the estimated yearly production despite putting out less power than estimated over the winter. Solar Liberty told me they always estimate low and other than the months when the snow never melted off my panels it’s gone over the monthly estimates every month.

April-August are my months when it’s supposed to build enough credits to get me through the winter when I don’t produce enough to cover our usage. We had some bills over the winter where we didn’t cover our usage but that was expected since the system wasn’t turned on until late July last year and we missed too much of the credit building spring/summer sun.


Thanks for the info. I am still wondering about the south towns, we seem to get many more clouds here.


May was a good month. Made my last payment on the system in April so the 1 year 0% deal worked out perfect and I own it. Less than 5 years until my break even point, less once National Grid’s rate hikes go into effect, then its sit back and watch the profits shine down.