Good places to eat in the 518.


Elda’s on Lark is really good


Ate at Central Steak (old butcher block?) last night. Pretty good filets.


Lmao you gotta be drunk!


I wish we had the choices you guys do!!! Not much up here, there are some that are pretty good but not a 10th of what is downstate.


I like Butcher Block and Mangia, why did they change the name down there?


Because someone down in corporate didn’t think that the GARBAGE DISPOSAL, SOUNDED LIKE CHEWBACCA TAKING A SHIT, THAT’S WHY.


You guys need to get over to my families restaurant.


Dang dude. That place looks very nice. Might have to bring a lady there so she can buy me dinner.


You wish, stallmer.


SMD Death


Wagon Train BBQ on the corner of mariaville and burdeck in rotterdam, right across from the stewarts… same building as the pool place, cant think of the name right now… DelGallo maybe?

They have been there a few months… Place is fucking awesome. Burgers/Ribs/Pulled pork/Chicken etc… they do all the smoking etc in house everyday… place is small but its really really nice the staff is awesome. You can eat there or take out, have gotten take out from their 3 times… everytime was awesome

THe Tombstone burger is fucking amazing… be warned… its not healthy… and its greasy as fuck

heres their menu


i was just about to post this.


I love Wagon Train, so freaking awesome! I usually get their Wagon Train Burger and haven’t been dissapointed yet.


i dont see the tombstone on themenu


I think it may be on an updated version, a lot of their specials are only listed in the restaurant though.


Wagon train burger is deff fucking delicious…

Tombstone was so good… but i felt so fucking blah afterword

Its a burger with a fried egg, pulled pork, those little fried onion things, bacon and smothered in BBQ…

Soo greasy… so bad for you… soo fucking good


+1 for Wagon Train. Very good, and generous serving sizes.


The Point on Madison Ave in Albany near N. allen st. Very Good!!!

D’Raymonds on Albany Shaker near Osborne rd. Very very good.

Scallions in Saratoga. Very good


First two are indeed very good, I agree. Never tried the Toga one


Anyone been to Indulge on RT 2 in Latham??? Any good?

Every time I try togo there its closed for a private party, under renovations or some other excuse. lol