Good places to eat in the 518.


Never been, I hear ya though, almost every time I cruise by they are ALWAYS closed lol


I think they’re out of business…(Indulge)


Another good place to eat is at the Sarge residence. They always have the best treats.


It’s out of business. I went there one time with my fiance and the food was overpriced and it sucked.


Wow that place didn’t last long. Sounds like they spent to much on renovations, website & whatever else that they didn’t have enough left over to support the place till it took off. . . Poor business plan I guess. Ahhh well, good to know. Now I can scratch it off my list of restaurants to try. Thanks :wink:


They didn’t even renovate the place. It was completely brand new construction when they took it over.


Hit this place up today, awesome. Great food, great staff, very good prices for what you get. I had the half rack ribs, with fries was 10.95, very nomnomnom delicious. And yeah the other items are not listed on that menu, but are at the actual restaurant.


The brisket from this place is EPIC. I normally HATE brisket but this is place has the only one i will eat.


Pig Pit is actually real good down near Cohoes.


This food here is alright but the customer service is HORRIBLE.


Went to wagon train last week and got the tombstone burger and some other things, meh. i expected a lot more out of the hype on here.


Chuck Wagon diner

on Rte 20 near the intersection with Giffords Church Rd

Tom Ketchum owns it (car guy, owns a repair/towing place next door) and they have a cruise in/car show every Saturday night

good food, cool restored diner, good people


Chuck Wagon is pretty good, their breakfast sausage literally smelled and tasted like shit though :lol


Pretty good, and I’ve never had a problem with the service. Place is a block from work, so it’s easy to run and grab something quick when I’m working in the office


yesssssssssssss the pig pit!!!


Just went there for lunch. Nomnomnom


D’Raymonds, Koto, Creo,


Emma Cleary’s in Slingerlands/Patroon Creek Blvd. Albany



Went there last week with a group of people, portions were huge (I got the pulled pork with jalepeno bottle caps) but wasn’t crazy impressed there is much better BBQ in the area, ribs were also a bit dried out.


Went there last week, really good