Good places to eat in the 518.


The sushi place in Newton Plaza is excellent btw.

Shanghai Grill.




f u


Too bad you don’t have a car, could have had a good lunch psi2hi.


Itll be back friday ready to crash into your pos bike


We had an excellent lunch psi2high sry man


If you were there I am glad I did not go as I like being gut free


no guts present




Ferrari’s Italian restaurant in Schenectady has some good food and real big portions. Definitely recommend.


Had their chicken parm, was impressed.


That’s what I had as well and it was falling off the plate, very big portions for the price.


Mr. Fuji sushi in Stuyvesant Plaza is REAL GOOD. a tad pricey but worth it.


Akanomi in carpenter plaza at 146 and 20 is good too. Their lunch specials are a pretty good deal for sushi.


Boardwalk Restaurant in Lake george has good food


bombers burrito in albany. service is pretty legit depending on the waitress. (the hot tall blonde one is the best). food is great (try the jerk pork burrito or the wing) and its pretty cheap. good margaritas as well.


dibella’s subs just opened up right around latham farms. huge dank subs made fresh in front of you. highly recommend the godfather or philly cheese steak.


+1 to the godfather, used to get it all the time when I was at school in Rochester

Get it toasted, delicious.


Not sure if it’s been posted already but Sushi X on rt 9 in Latham across the street from the Audi dealership is awesome. $22 for all you can eat sushi. Their dragon roll and sweet potato roll are real good!!


Was about to post that lol.