Good places to eat in the 518.


D’andrea’s Pizza
downtown saratoga.
hands down the BEST thin crust style pizza i’ve ever eaten.


when i lived in toga i had one about a minute and a half from my house, theyre prices are fairly decent, and the food is great. I was there several days a week


14 for lunch! Place is boss. Was about to post that.

I’ll also give mcgrievy’s in waterford a shoutout. At there last night and enjoyed it. Desserts are awesome ceasar salad was impressive, and my meal didn’t let me down either. Not cheap, but definitely good.












sushi FTMFW


fucking lolz :lol

My kitchen is a good fucking place to eat in the 518 right now with this bomb ass chicken lasagna I brought home from my aunts this evening…


Wheatfields in CP


+1 its some damn good food


Went to Max Londons in Saratoga the other night, great food, drinks and atmosphere.


I ended up going to Chianti’s in Saratoga this past weekend with my family, food and atmosphere was absolutely amazing. Probably one of the best Italian Restaurants I’ve been to in the Capital Region.

Also, I’m going to Reel Seafood on Western Ave this evening for dinner with the old lady. I’m a big seafood fan and the only reason we’re going is because I saw a commercial for it yesterday while watching Football :lol

Anyone know how good/bad/terrible Reel Seafood is?


Been there with the wife, good food (not great) IMO overpriced for how good it was, and don’t get me wrong I’m not “cheap” but seemed a bit expensive still.


Yea that’s the only knock I’ve been reading online is that it’s a tad pricey.

Thinking about getting the following:

Fishmonger Fried Platter - 26.95
Shrimp, Scallops, Calamari, Clam Strips and Battered Haddock. Served with Coleslaw and French Fries.

Will probably end up spending the rest of the evening on the shitter, but fried food FTMFW.


Overpriced seafood.

Side note:
Wings over Albany is excellent.


Agreed on all accounts.

Also, Chianti is great for super upscale Italian. I still think Mama Mia’s in Saratoga has the best traditional Italian food in the area.


Villa Valenti > all


I’ll try it sometime, I tried their sauce from the grocery store and I didn’t care for it.


It’s really good, but I’ve been going there forever. It’s not overly expensive either. And their fresh homeade rolls are NOM NOM.