Good places to eat in the 518.


isnt Reel Seafood on wolf road and not western avenue? Or are there 2 of them?


Best sushi in the capital region >?

i have been to a bunch , just looking for new, maybe better idk, where you guys go

capital region / realistic 518 drive


Just recently posted it but sushi x in Latham is awesome!


I dont eat sushi but my brother and sister inlaw get it at Bangkok Bistro alot and say its really good


You are correct PJB, my mistake. It is indeed on Wolf Road.

I was extremely dissapointed with the food at Reel Seafood last night. For the price I paid I thought the food sucked. Scallops were overcooked and rubbery, the appetizer (crab dip) was bland and could barely taste any crab in it.

Next time I want to drop 80+ dollars on a meal I’m going to stick to Longfellows, Chiantis and Prime.


haha I warned ya!

oh and Longfellows FTMFW!!!


Sushi X and Hana are the best I’ve had. Sushi X has such a boss lunch deal.


It’s $14 right?

Koto/Hana/Sushi X appear to be the best IMO. Never had Bankok


13.95 yessir. All you can eat. Don’t leave any extra or they’ll charge you for it a la carte price for what’s left, but most sushi bars will anyways.

Never had koto. I enjoy hana so I’ve never had a reason to go I guess. I heard mr fuji is junk for the price, whatever that is. Don’t even know where the place is and just heard about it recently.


Mr Wasabi isn’t bad in Schen. But Sushi X appears to be a way better value.


Going to be trying Angelo’s Prime Bar and Grill at the new Hotel in Clifton Park this weekend.

If this place is anywhere near as good as 677 Prime, Prime, or Apertivo Bisro in Schenectady I will be extremely happy.


The chef there is Steve Kerzner and he was a chef at 677 Prime before the new place opened. I deliver there for work.





EDIT: because i can’t get away with saying gook but the rest of you call each other Ni99as constantly.


That’s racist sir


i was kidding there genius.

but seriously, half the forum is obsessed with eating uncooked fish!?


I wouldn’t say obsessed but it is damn good and good for you.


Negged and reported.


Sushi is epic for nutritional value. (In moderation, obviously too much mercury isn’t good)


me and my gf go out for sushi once a month, we love it

only good sushi that is not the crap you see at an 8.99 all ypu can eat chineese buffet