Good places to eat in the 518.


Where do you get good Sushi around here? I used to like Saso’s in Albany,But it’s closed as hell now. Sushi X is awesome, but I don’t think it’s Very high quality.


It’s posted several times in this thread. Scroll back a page or two.

There really isn’t anything of super high quality around here IMO. It’s Upstate,NY what do you want lol.


If youre looking for sushi try sake cafe, they have two spots one on newscotland ave by graneys and one in slingerlands price chopper plaza. There is also Ruby next to the pub on madison. And if youre in glenmont there is Hokkaido which is habachi too and i think its the best around. I like hana better than koto but ive heard good things about sushi x, still need to go try it.

Also just went to Swifty’s in Delmar and it was decent pub food (only had the burger) but they have a good selection of beer on tap, its the only place i found warstiener dunkel other than the biergarten.


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I thought sushi X was good till I went to Gingers in Jersey. It sucks to travel a lot and see just how over priced and under quality our area is.:’(

This is the truth :lol


Muddy’s in watervliet. Yessss.


Juicy burger in Ballston Spa. their burgers are, in fact, juicy.
i know there’s another one in glens falls or greenfield i think.


There’s a juicy burger in Guilderland or there abouts and they have a cruise in in the summer on tuesday nights or something. Mostly rods and classics show up but its a good time.


rods and classics > ricers and shitboxes


fuck juicy burger. go to 5 guys. im just biased though, ive worked at a 5 guys for a year and a half and no other burger tastes good to me anymore


I’m gonna +1 this. I would normally shy away from eating in such an establishment, but, they actually have some damn good food!


Toasted ham and cheese on rye bread. HUGE, delicious, fairly priced for the portion. Plus tits!


went to red lobster (wolf road) . had 2 , 25 dollar gift cards , was my 2nd time going there ever… i dont mind to pay close to 100 for a good dinner out, will never do 3 times a charm with that dump


uh, Red Lobster is nowhere near a “good dinner”. Same goes for the fake italian Olive Garden. :rofl


Yeah thats like saying Taco Bell is Mexican cuisine! LOL

Although speaking Italian food, I’m actually a fan of Bucca Di Beppo (probably mentioned already in this thread) on Wolf Rd. family style dining FTW.


Red Lobster and Olive Garden are NOT bad AT ALL.


Red Lobster definitely doesn’t impress me…

Olive Garden isn’t bad… Chianti’s and Bucca Di Beppa are the jam though :lol


I agree with Red Lobster not being bad but Olive Garden is AWFUL. I’m too spoiled by real italian food though.


Hmmm I haven’t been to Olive Garden in a couple years… maybe its worse or the fact I just got loaded on wine every time I went…


I need to add a clause to my previous post:

They’re not that bad for chain restaurants. I’d take either of those places over fridays or chilis any day.