Good places to eat in the 518.




Canali’s on Mariaville Rd.>*


Can someone recommend a place with good Penne Ala Vodka… every place I try seems like it comes out of a jar and tastes blah


Scotti’s on Union St in Schenectady has a good dish.


The Ripe Tomato in Malta makes a mean PAV


Town Tavern on rt66 in Averill Park, best food in the area


The Chinese Buffet in clifton park has MAD good sushi.


I went to Bennington with my dad today and on the way back we stopped at a place called Tammy’s Candy Kettle for lunch. Right around the NY/VT border

The place is a hole in the wall but the burgers we had were really good and so were the homemade fries. I had chili and my dad had corn chowder soup and both were very good.

Get got 1/2 burgers but they sell up to two pound burgers there. I had a fresh squeezed lemonade that was very good.

Theres also other food like chicken and seafood on the menu.

Very small place with no frills and just a few tables and our waitress was also the counter person for the candy and homemade ice cream they sell there (didnt try any).

Burger prices start at $9.49 for a 1/2 pound burger with fries, coleslaw and a pickle.

For both of us the bill came to $33.40.


I personally love Joes Tavern over on central has always been one of my favorites. Love that place. I miss The Empress on central too. Place was awesome.


Went here with a client. (Stumbled across it on Apple maps)

Food was excellent. In Malta.


Finally got around to trying this pace penne vodka was great. Loved everything there, great recommendation!


Delmonicos, hands down the best vodka sauce I’ve ever had and I’ve been to possibly every Italian restaurant around. It’s real vodka sauce, none of that creamy Mac and cheese looking shit

Chicken parm with vodka sauce and side of penne with vodka sauce on it. Done.


I used to deliver there for my last job but never ate there. The chef is cool as hell and drag races a pro mod. He’s got an altered body and a '60’s Camaro body for it.


Any good specials going on for valentines day that you guys know of?


Better then Canali’s in Schenectady? Because I love there vodka sauce there and there pasta is homemade!


Ha, that’s funny. Good stuff.


Stopped up to Halfmoon Sandwhich Shoppe again yesterday. They demolished their old building and moved into the fresh new spot next door. Always packed out for lunch. Had a cracked pepper turkey wrap which was bomb. I also Like Positano in Latham. We try to hit a different spot daily, always trying out new local spots.


Do they still make the Lumberjack breakfast sandwich, I fucking love that heart attack on a roll!


Honestly I haven’t had the vodka sauce there, but the things I’ve had there are amazing. Been there twice for rehearsal dinners, and I always say I’m gonna go back and never catch myself up that way anymore. Ever since I’ve sold my business, I try to stay away from Schenectady .


I got pizza for the second time today at Saverio’s East in East Durham. One slice of buffalo chicken and one slice of chicken parm.

Very good pizza and very filling. Tons of chicken on each slice and its on sesame crusted dough. You have to cut it up because theres no way youre eating it by hand without making a huge mess.

$5.99 for two slices and a canned drink but thats the contractor special they have for the crews working at the new GSK plant up there (where I worked today).