Good places to eat in the 518.


Not a big diner food guy but I have to say The Ugly Rooster in Mechanicville is awesome! They make killer home fries and their eggs Benedict is amazing. Very inexpensive too


Crispy basil in latham and guilderland both have good pizza. Not super cheap but their pizza rules. Margarita pizza, bruschetta pizza, and buffalo are my favorites.


Some diners are hit and miss, I know the 76 Diner has one of the best reuben’s I have ever had as well as there french onion soup.


If no one has mentioned the flying chicken down in Troy across from “I love” definitely check it out. Took defensive driving
Down there a few weeks back and went there for lunch. Good quantity of food for a real decent price


The 711 sports grill in the same plaza as shoprite at the intersection of everett and central has pretty damn good food and prices.


Rubino is a tool but the place he is talking about is awesome.


We frequent 76 Diner a LOT.


Been going to the 76 for damn near 30 years. love it!


If anyone is up in the Ticonderoga area on 9N I would recommend Wagon Wheel Restaurant (not to be confused with Wagon Train BBQ in Mariaville) was there a little over a month ago for lunch and has there special “shaved prime rib sandwich” DELICIOUS.


Some hidden places… Jack’s pub in worcester ny. Get off of 88, go to route 7, take a right, it’s behind that gas station. 1 lbs cheeseburger. Unbeatable. Under 8 bucks.

Kelly’s in middleburgh. Eat anything here. John takes a little getting used to but the food is something you can’t complain about.

Man of kent on route 7 heading out of NY. Don’t blink or you’ll miss this place. Awesome everything as far as I’ve ever found.

Nothing fancy at any of these places. All are bars. All are awesome as far as food goes.


I go by Man of Kent alot but have never stopped there. Im guess standard pub food like burgers and sandwiches?


Blessings tavern. Consaul road in colonie. Hidden gem.


Pretty much. Definitely stop in there


+1 for Man of Kent


I drive past there to go skiing all the time and always say I wanna stop there for dinner on the way home. But I’m always too tired and just wanna get home at that point. Now that I know it’s good maybe ill be more inclined to stop. It looks like its always got a good amount of cars in the lot for being in the middle of nowhere.


heading to Shirley’s tomorrow morning before work. gotta love that continental breakfast.


my cousin used to be a cook there


Who’s got a good place i can take the wife for valentines day in the albany area? Anyone know of any places that have a 4-6 course meal specials?


The Publik House, RT9P and 9 in Malta. I thought it went downhill a little after the guys nephew bought it a couple of years ago but, looks like it is back on track. Excellent Pizza and Sandwiches, as well as some pretty darn nice barmaids…


Made a reservation for Valentines Day at Wheatfield’s for the wife and I. Been there once before and it was very good, not expensive, not cheap but good food and a great atmosphere. Not sure but I think it was mentioned on here before.

Where is everyone planning on going with their significant other?