Good places to eat in the 518.


I go there a lot. Place is good. Good cocktails as well.


Anything in particular you recommend?


Depends what you like… I have grown accustomed to Bourbon as of lately… So a Old Fashioned or Manhattan. (Makers/Woodford)

Mojito is always in my aresenal as well.

They have some decent beers I think too. Saratoga IPA is good.


Going to Bellinis in Clifton Park


Bellini your weenie


They have a pre-fix menu for V-day, looks like everything served family style!

Wayne and I are going to Hana with my mom & gram <3


Technically we are going Friday anyway.


Dang work! Still a great place, we both enjoyed it there!


Anybody want to make a million bucks?

Start this locally.


Lawsuit waiting to happen

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I had dinner tonight at Akanomi Japanese restaurant on route 20 in Guilderland. Its in the plaza across from the end of Carman road.

Small place, great food. I had a 4 course meal (soup, appetizer, entree, desert) for $23.

I ate sushi and sashimi and had a few shots of hot sake.

They also do take out.


I used to live in the apartments right next to there. Ate there all the time. Great food for sure.


518 area code is pretty huge.
I ate at this amazing diner once by the border of a country and/or state(s)


Man of Kent.


Man of kent rules. Pretty sure I mentioned it a couple pages back.

I’m also pretty sure he’s making a joke though, and not a serious comment about a sweet diner he ate at. Man of kent is a pub anyways.


I know. I’ve been to man of Kent with him before.


Ate breakfast at Farmer Boy diner over the weekend. Good shit. Their hash tasted freshly made and not from a can which was a good thing.


For a real good breakfast/brunch I usually hit up Maddison Cafe in albany. Fucking amazing food, and lots of it!


This. Raspberry oatmeal pancakes are awesome here


Ingas diner on fuller rd.