Good places to eat in the 518.


I’ve driven past that place a million times, but never think of it when we are debating which diner to go to on our weekend breakfast outing lol. I’ll have to try it maybe this weekend.


Purdy’s Cafe in Galway for breakfast, amazing food and fresh fruit.


Too far for me to drive for breakfast. Maybe the next time I’m up at camp on sacandaga ill check it out. Fresh fruit is a plus with the baby too. We always ask for fruit for him and 9 times out of 10 get a cup of sugary fruit cocktail lol.


exactly, then its fucking off the wall city for the next 3 hours.


Haha yup!


Had a thai tea at Saigon Spring in CP last night.

It changed me.

I’ve been thinking about it all day. I need dat again.

Sweet jesus.


I had bubble tea once. It’s got tapioca balls in it. Tasted great. Tapioca balls were a bit strange texture wise though. Kinda reminded me of those old orbits drinks that had the suspended jelly like balls in it.


Best eatery that has a patio in the 518… go.


Mcdonalds on wolf road.




My grill with gruelicks steaks!


Truthfully Im not really into paying to eat dinner outside. Even if its nice out Id rather eat inside if Im getting a good dinner.

If its a food court type thing maybe Ill eat outside but Im not going to a restaurant and eating outside.


Sport island pub on sacandaga has a nice outside area. And their food is pretty solid too.


garden bistro(not the biggest patio ive seen) or new world bistro


Peddlers aint bad…


Man of Kent in is pretty awesome.

Best dollar to doughnutz is Garden Bistro 24 on Central ave. Affordable French style food that’s amazing. Nys beers on draft and good wine. Take yer old lady for a date night and tickle her fancy.

I like Brown’s or even Dinosaur BBQ because you can gaze at the Hudson River in all her glory.


Centre Street Pub has outdoor bar with bocce court yo


pretty good bar for Schenectady


Forgot all about Man of Kent, great place.


Last time I was there, about 4 years ago the food was HORRIBLE. Shit was cold, undercooked and seemed like it was all out of the freezer. Every other time I’ve been there the food was awesome.