Good places to eat in the 518.


i believe they are bringing a texas roadhouse up here somewhere and that place is amazing! we eat there ever year when we go down to myrtle beach…


Is that the place you throw peanut shells on the ground??


Wolf Road.

I went to one in Columbus and they do put a bucket of peanuts on the table but I didnt see any shells being thrown on the ground. We just put them in another bucket.


Longhorn Steakhouse is also looking to build on Wolf Rd. I like it here, been happy the few times i’ve gone in FL and TN.


Yeah its Texas Roadhouse, there is one in Kingston. Its good, but not OMG I HAS TO HAVE good lol


the one I went to was ok, nothing too exciting but then again I dont like steak and I had salmon


They wont last up here, there just isn’t a demand for those kind of places up here in NY. Most steakhouses shutdown quick up here.


Theres already a few in NY. Kingston has one and I believe theres one by Turning Stone.


One in Binghamton too


Don’t think anyone’s mentioned it but The Bier Abbey in Schenectady has an out of this world draught selection and some excellent food too. I’ve stuck to appetizers at the bar but wouldn’t be afraid to take a seat with the girl there. The entrees look excellent too. I know some guys on here have been and would probably agree its a worthwhile stop especially if your a brew junkie. Lower union st Schenectady.


I know it’s been mentioned ITT already but The Mill on Round Lake has a very nice patio and “some” descent talent working there. Oh and there wings are really good.


Descent is not the word you’re looking for. Just a heads up.


Bump it up… Anyone know good places for a vegetarian around? I’m tryin to take this girl somewhere good but I have no fucking clue where has good food that she’ll eat…




I heard apple bee’s is pretty good


:rofl Should have seen that coming.



pet store in the rabbit aisle


Girls that dont like the meat :Idiots

Poor Chadric




I heard he’s got the tofu dick mod.