Good places to eat in the 518.


hairy armpits and works at the co op.


Both false lol.


Marotta’s Bar-Risto on union


Did you get the fried mozzarella appetizer?? whoa


calamari is my jam


Cafe Italia


Lyles Hoagies


There is this little place on rt20 called Sushi Tei. I LOVE this place. very small little place around the corner from my house. Every time we’ve been we are the only people who are not Japanese (so you know it’s good), every time has been amazing. If you like sushi you should try this place


I’ve wanted to try eating there the gf is iffy on sushi and sashimi though. Akanomi also on western in carpenter plaza across from 146 is also very good. Also very small.


I’ve been there before with my in-laws, that place is good but it’s no sushi tei


Shanghai Grill in Newton Plaza. FTW.


I love that place. Awesome food and service. Prices are good too.


It’s very good. Been there a couple times.

Love sushi.


Famous Lunch in Troy


I went to Dave’s Gourmet & Exotic Burgers on Fuller road tonight and ate alligator and it was really good.


Mezza notche on rt.20 is great. Been there a couple times and its always great