GTR your father aproves it.

I found this video called shuto kousoku you sell your family car and your old silvia for a GTR slap from father but he aproves in the end. Its a man’s machine.

this will kill sometime at work

the red gtr has a nardi, whoot whoot

lol traded in his fathers car along with the silvia for a RED GTR, get’s a slap of approval and a smile.

lol only in japan

keepin me busy thanks. . .

This was so fcking tight. lol amazing.

watched all the parts :S!&text1=......I%20hope%20you%20win&text2=&text3=

pretty awesome lol, why wasnt I raised in japan :frowning:

i like when he says “be safe” . then…“I will” and none of them buckel up as they drive off lol


They have a whole series, I’ve seen like 4yrs back lol

shit is crazzyyy!