Guitar Hero

Anyone else play these? I’ve never bought a game as soon as it came out, but I might have to get Guitar Hero III. I enjoy playing the real guitar, but it’s so much more fun when you actually have drums, bass and vocals. And I don’t see myself joining a band anytime soon since my days aren’t exactly overflowing with free time!

And my little one likes to hang out with me while I play - maybe that’s why I like it so much. Especially when she does the devil horns and head bangs. :rofl:

ummmmm who DOESN’T play guitar hero?

I know lots of people who hate rock/metal but still play guitar hero

santa is supposed to be bring it for my kids this year

It’s a freaking addicting game. We had it setup on the big screen in my fraternity and it was constantly being played, either at 2PM or 2AM.


I have I, II, and Rocks the 80s.

i still havent played that game yet…ill have to try it sometime

I have so much trouble playing the game because I play the real guitar. So, meh.

I have II and we just got my fiance’s Son Rock the 80’s.

My fiance is a closet guitar hero fan. She called me at work one day asking how to turn the play station on and I started busting out laughing. I told her “your going to play guitar hero aren’t you” and she statred to laugh and was like yeah.

When I saw it down at Towne Tavern one night over the summer I started cracking up.

So do I… my fingers want to fret it the correct way, not press some random button.

Yeah, but you get used to it after a while. I think it actually helped me with the hammer-ons and pull-offs as far as dexterity. And I think guitar players have an advantage with the alternating picking.

Side note: I beat Guitar Hero II last night on expert. Hangar 18 was killing me.

I don’t really like it. Just a manned up version of DDR to me.

It is huge here at school. There are like hall vs. hall competitions

Definitely a fun game to play. I’m not coordinated enough for real guitar.

sounds like you suck at video games… :stick:

I have 2 and the 80’s version.

I play it still. I played the shit out of it when it first came out for 360. Even my girlfriend plays it (and is better than me). We got to beating hard mode with 99%+ each time and kinda got bored with it. We’d play a few select songs every now and then.

But recently a method to replace the songs with custom songs came out for the 360 version. (has been common for ps2) So I added a few tool songs, some pumpkins, and a few misc and got back into it. Although most custom songs are expert-only. So I had to kick my skills up a notch.

Anxiously awaiting III.

not really a fan…it doesn’t do a thing for me.

ROck band comes out around xmas i think

it has drums, guitar, bass & lead singer.

I saw it demoed on TV… i’m sure its going to be crazy popular due to the gutiar hero popularity.

I’m sure the price of Rock Band ($170 + tax) will discourage alot of people. Only the hard-core musical wannabes will go for that. Plus to really enjoy it you need 4 people who are into it.

I foresee a flop.

Never played it…I really like playing the real guitar though. Been teaching myself “Jessica” by the Allman Brothers this week.

I play guitar as well and i think it gives you an advantage at picking and speed but makes chords harder this it isn’t how they are really played most of the time. i also have a problem on the lower levels with songs you know real good and trying to play every note you hear when they still leave some of them out. I have 1 and 2 and can’t beat the last song of expert on 2 which is free bird, that solo gets me pissed.

If you’ve ever done sequencing with MIDI before, guitar hero can be mastered in like two minutes, because it is the equivalent of a piano roll track on any software out there.
Once you write/arrange music on the piano roll for a while, you start to be able to recognize note values really easy.
First time I played guitar hero I couldn’t believe how easy it tranferred over.