What’s up errbody. I signed up a week or so ago, after bryan wouldn’t get off my nuts. Hope all is going well.

it seems to be the trend in these kinds of things to post pics of your ride.


nice junk :wink: welcome

i saw the wag a few nights ago. mother fucking hot

dre has entered the building :slight_smile:

oops, can’t forget this


Almost ready for paint, will finish prepping it once the civic is running. Civic will go together this week, as the gaskets should get here monday.

black bimmer will be sold as a shell, hopefully be gone this week.

:wave: :slight_smile:

hola :wave:


hey dre!! :c )

Ha! down to 3 cars. Sold the black bmw yesterday!

If my gaskets came in today, I’ll put the civic motor and tranny together today. mmm progress