H22blklude92's 92 Prelude

I bought this car for $900 in CT while picking up my friends ek hatch. i guess you could say it was love at first sight :tong. It needed a lot of work but didn’t bother me cuz i have no life.





after about 2 months of driving around with the f22 my clutch went so i figured i’d buy a jdm h22 and eventually get it painted(trying to make a very long story not soo long so i don’t bore everyone)

those are pretty much how it sits right now besides not having an exhaust.

the mods are sk2 stage 1 cams, sk2 intake manifold, bdl 70mm tb, cf whale penis intake and it had a meagan header with a 2.5inch collector. I ran a 14.6 at 97mph with a crappy 60ft w/o the cams

soon to come-rmf narrow style header, fidanza 3.2 cevlar clutch cuz my exedy went bad after 10,000 miles, possibly a custom exhaust using the borla xr-1 muffler, jdm i piece headlights, hopefulling a cf hood, and most important a tune with the hondata stage 3(s200).

What a difference… lookin good :thumb

not bad ET either

Nice Lude, I love this generation, keep going with it. MORE pics!

The ET sucks. The trap is impressive.

SlackJ94’s Twin. only black

Great transformation, it’s almost as if you reversed time and the pictures are backwards, the car looks better the older it gets :wow

I have a soft spot for 4th gen Preludes, plus their dashes are one of a kind (snap a pic)

Are you going to throw a lip on it?

speaking oif lip
I think Jake is gonna sell his Wings West RS lip

i’ll have to get my friends camera later today and clear off the snow :angry2 and take some more pics. I’ve thought about getting another lip just need to find one that i like that will last. also i might be getting it painted again cuz the quaterpanels bubbled out a little but i want to ge† all the mechanical stuff done first and then worry about how it looks. i’ve put so much money into this that i’d never sell it cuz it wouldn’t be worth it. i’m thinking about getting the crower stroke kit for it that will make it a 2.5 litre but that will cose me a lot seeing that i’ll need to get it sleeved too

love this body style lude, i almost bought a black 92 prelude with an H22 already in it a few months back

looks good though :thumb

hopefully cuz i really like that lip

PM him

boog you need to come down to albany dude. sooo much better than dunkin donuts ever was and its fucking march lol ;D

i’ll come down. i hated dd anyway too many kids trying to race.

well there is that aspect down here lol. but way better cars.

i’d watch that’s about it


yeah boogie u defentely need to come visit!! you will be amazed!! there is some nioce shit down here…but always room for one more lude… ;D

but only one more…fuckin accords… i mean :mwahaha

nice lude you did a good job fixing it upp too. Synapse is boosting my 5th gen with a GT3076R going to be done in a few weeks. Id love to see more preludes around, theres only 1 other 5th gen i know around albany, along with slacks white 4th gen. Are you on preludepower.com? Theres a prelude meet bout 3 hours from here may 24th going to be over 50 luders of all generations, check it out

Heres an older pic of mine:

vey clean lude. i was gunna turbo mine but i knew i’d blow it up :tong. i’m not on prelude power but i’d be down for going to the meet