Hank is out 8/08/05-8/15/05

Just to let you parts whores know, I will be on vacation for a little over a week. My Fiance, Amy, and I decided it would be a good idea to get the hell out of Dodge for some time so we are heading to Letchworth for some camping, then on friday 8/12, I head out to Norwalk Ohio for the DSM shootout. H0llaR.

I will obviously not be at NAPA for that week untill the 16th. If you end up needing some parts for your whip, My buddy Jeff, or Mark will be able to help you with your NAPA needs. I can Imagine that internet acess will be limited to NONE and my cell may not get reception where our cabin is (lower falls area for those familiar) untill I make my way to Norwalk, so I will be out of the loop for a while.

If you have to come in and get something, make sure you mention NYSPEED.com or WNYDSM.com, or even the “other” forum URFG or whatever it is. Also if you need to get me personally leave a message as I will be checking them daily.
Thank you all;


Those wires in yet?

BTW - BIG :tup: to Hank… for hookin me up.

have a fun vacation man :beer:

i think a lot of people are gonna be upset you are taking off :tup:

make sure to let us know how dsmshootout goes :wink:


Hank kicks ass + 1

Giddy up! See you for Thanksgiving (most likely).

^^ Oh yeah, another family get together. :roll: lol. Maybe one of these time my Grandma will learn your name…and mine too. lol. That was bad.

Anyways, thanks again for the compliments guys and dont hesitate to call my fellow employees, Mark and Jeff know thier shit, the other guys…well… you know. :wink:

Haha… I don’t even know what she calls me. Probably “Thomas.” Close enough.