Kenwood Service (NAPA)

Basic info.

First of all, I want to say that I DO NOT INSTALL SELL OR REPAIR KENWOOD STEREO EQUIPMENT. :slight_smile:

A lot of you know me already, my name is Joe Skorupa but most of you know me as Hank, or the SkrappaR. I am currently in the process of buying this particular NAPA location on Englewood ave. in the Town of Tonawanda.

If you ever need anything for you car along the lines of stock replacment parts, please do not hesitate to call me or PM me. I can assure a decent discount on most parts to any members. Our prices are very competitive to begin with, so in most cases I will save you money, however I do not guarantee that. I can guarantee that I know what I am talking about compared to most other counter guys and I will do anything I can to get the right parts. I am also ASE certified as a parts specialist along with my co-op Mark. Jeff is one of the other guys here, and is quickly on his way to his certification. We mostly sell NAPA Genuine parts, but us being an independent “jobber” we have a great ability to outsource for your more obscure parts.

I have done a large amount of buisness with WNYDSM (Duh, they always break) with no big problems, and no complaints. Word on the street travels fast…just ask around, I have helped many many cars/drivers in WNY.

Just Shoot a PM and give me a try. My Fiance (Amy) and I have just bought a house on Faraday right near NAPA, so I am never too far from the store and I also have access to my store at all hours so emergency situations can sometimes be handled at any hour.

3 am parts runs > *.

Store Hours:
M-F 8:00 am ----> 6:00 pm
Sat 8:00 am ----> 3:00 pm

I am never there between 12:00 and 1:00. I need to eat.

Kenwood Service (NAPA)
577 Englewood ave.
ToT 14223
835-0667 ask for Hank
622-0895 is my cell, but please use this for emergencies only. Maybe if you are hot and want to make personal plans too!:tspry:

Also, I am in the same boat as Don, the angry mechanic. I don’t care about my grammar, it just plain sucks. So dont bitch.

Hank is the man, he has helped me out lots with parts and made me cry before because he made me so happy… excellent customer service and such…

:tup: to Hank at Napa… great deals on everything you need for your car. And great customer service.

Hank has hooked it up. I recommend!!! :tup:

^^ Is that none other than Tonifli?

I can personally vouch for Skrapper. He is a top notch parts guru at Napa and has saved my bacon on a number of occasions. You all won’t be sorry from buying parts at Napa and they are just as good and sometimes better than OEM. If you by some strange chance get the wrong part, Skrapper will make it right because he cares about his customers.

I buy all my shop parts and supplies through Kenwood Napa, Definately the only parts man i will deal with, i cannot stand going to other napas or any other parts store and having to explain every nuance about the car i am working on and still they have no clue what the fuck i am talking about.

Plain and simple, Hank and crew really really know what they are doing and can hook a brother up right the first time all the time.

I dont know where i would be without SkraPPer. He has saved my ass many times. I :heart: Skrapper

you daaamn right :tup: I gotta come see ya

Thanks Guys…I really appreciate the postive comments!

yeah what carnut said is true, every napa i went to before i knew skrapper used to be a hassle, went to his fine little shop one day and met him. Awesome guy, good parts, and good prices.

I tried explaining what a T-Bolt clamp is to a NAPA guy on elmwood, that was real fun. Good to know theres someone on here that can knows there shit and can help us out. Wish I knew that before…

thanx for the infos…

i might be getting some parts like filter and such… =)

Yep, skrapper is the hookup, i’ve bought all my parts through him for the mr2 :tup:

can get good parts and great prices :tup: :tup:

you have no idea…its kinda cool because if for instance if you went into Kenwood and saw hank and said “i have a turbo supra” the first questions wouldnt be …hmm is it auto, does it have ac,…it would be more like is it a mk III or MK IV

:tup: to skrapper

i rode with him in the mighty DSM the night he finaly killed his transmission, we spent over and hour talkin about all kinds of car stuff, and he deffinantly knows his stuff !

i heart my skrappanapa :slight_smile:

:tup: skrappar at teh nenwood is the place to go for pretty much everything. I’ll tell him I need something and it will be there by that afternoon
:tup: X eleventybillion

NO you don’t, anyways Hank rocks


is that jeff klanky or what ever his last name is?