HAPPENING NOW... cops chasing go-kart

Just heard two cop cars drive by chasing somebody driving a go-kart down NFB…

More to come…

Three more cop cars just went by… :lol:

Somebody’s going to get seriously pwned…

hahaha thats awesome… esp if it was one of those crazy racing carts that fly.

pics vid now


hahahahahaha…basically…u have the best area for crazy cop chases…

first the kids running and cops chasing them…and now this…

i want pics

Well, I just got in my car and had a quick drive around. Saw two of the Amherst cops coming back the other way with their lights off, so I’m assuming the Tonawanda cops caught him. He must have gone down Kenmore Avenue, because that’s where the cops were coming from. I was looking around for flashing lights, but didn’t see any.

Anyway, no pics. :frowning:

So basically how it happened:

I hear a siren, see flashing lights coming down the street. The first cop car turns on my corner, and I hear an engine revving hard under acceleration. Only it isn’t the muffled V8 sound I’m expecting. That’s when I realized that the engine siound wasn’t coming from the cop car, it was coming from the kart. By the time I looked out the window, all I saw was the back of the cop car. Hell, I’m not even sure if it was a go-kart, it could have been a minibike. The only thing I’m certain of is that it was a 4 stroke and it wasn’t all that fast.

Would have been much more entertaining had it been a shifter kart or something like that.

Anyway, look for it on the local news. :lol:

Coming home I saw some lights flashing behind me when I was on Kenmore ave. Amherst cop turned onto Niag Fall Blvd. Light turns green and I start driving down Kenmore. By the time I get down to dairy queen I can see flashing lights again. I see some guy on a bike go whipping by and then see the same Amherst cop chasing after him.

lol damn…sweet night for chases i guess lol

Crazy mother fuckers.

I always wanted to try that in the formula car…

Would have been cool if it was one of those pocket bikes, guys look like tools driving those.

haha…awesome :lol:

they probably got caught and are in a lot of trouble now…lol

My bet would be they lost the cops, but then it won’t make it to the news, or onto “cops”. :slight_smile:


I saw it too. Except I saw 2 APD’s fly by Maple and a TTPD just sitting at the light watching them. lol

How much do you want to bet that it’s my neighbor they are chasing? I know KrazyKarl or myself told you that story with him going “GhostRider” on his go-kart v.s. the Cheektowaga PD. Matter of fact, I’m walking down the block right now to check. :tspry:


wtf happened!!??official news?