Has anyone been ticketed without a cat?

Im looking at doing a “track” style exhaust and was warned by a co worker that he got ticketed in St.Albert without a cat. They pulled him over because of his oversized exhaust (so he says) and got ticketed for the missing cat. Anyone else have this happen?


We live in Alberta. Who the fuck cares about a cat.

And ROFL at the “track” style exhaust.

There is no law in alberta for cats. lol If his exhaust was over 3" what the hell was it?

track style - in place of a cat have a test pipe. u know, where all of the test pipes have “for off road use only” written on them.

I figured it was crap myself but thought I would ask. I even found the official paperwork http://www.ccme.ca/assets/pdf/jia_trnsprt_emiss_reduct_e.pdf (page 77) that says there is no such anti tampering law.

you better play it safe and stick with stock exhaust…or bring your “track” exhaust to the track and install there for off road use only :roll:

Run your cat and just get one of these put in your down pipe.


The problem was his exhaust was too ricy. I ain’t gonna get a ticket with my twin tip and my test pipe. The trick is keeping the exhaust low key (no fart cannon looking things) and no problem will arise.

I’m running a test pipe, but still have resonator and muffler. It made almost no difference in noise going from 3" catback to full 3" with test pipe.

I vote that people use flat black heat paint and paint the canisters and leave the tips as the canister is the part that shines and attracts attention from the cops. Get a silencer or exhaust control valve to open and close when you are in residential areas or in the presence of the authorities

I think the problem is that your friend was driving in St. Albert with a loud exhaust. The cops there are bored and tend to be a$$holes about that kind of thing, belive me i used to live there.
Edmonton cops could care less about an exhaust with or without a cat. they usually have better things to worry about.
I personally put on a high flow cat, (3" piping all the way back) just cause i dont like to drive by and have evryone looking at my loud obnoxious car.

It also has something to do with how a person drives their car as well but not all the time as it can be very random. I see alot of people ripping around then hear that they got an exhaust ticket and are all pissed off and say how they never drive hard and speed…LIES!!!@#@!!

…and it helps save the environment.

LOL thats why you make sure your car is low enough that they can’t look under!!!

I got an exhaust ticket before and it was actually cuz the cop was giving me a break on speeding…he said instead of giving you demerits i wil give you an oversized exhaust ticket. So your friend was probly driving like a douche cuz i drive my green machine around in st. albert and never have any problems unless i am breaking laws

get a bigger resonator?