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I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and want launch control on my stock ECU. Is this possible?

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“I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and want launch control on my stock ECU. Is this possible?”

Unfortunately Mitsubishi did not enable the launch control function on their factor ECU’s until late 2004 for the 2005 model year. 03/04 Evo’s will not be able to turn on this feature without some intricate code being written for the ECU or adding a piggyback such as ECUTeK. If you try to engage launch control on these vehicles it will act as a hard rev limiter as you are driving and can cause some crazy confusion as some folks on here can attest.

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Know anyone who can burn chips for the Bosch 413 DME



is this restricted to chip tuning only?


srsly? I’m gonna ask seth if he thinks a tune would be worth it on my car…:rofl


$1000 for another 4hp is definitely worth it. Stop modding and go to Watkins Glen already.


Hardparker 4 lyfe.


Jesse answered this already, but I’ll clarify. His name is Tony and he owns/operates European Performance Labs in CT. If you search around, he’s the only one who’s currently full custom flashing Porsche/Audi/VW/BMW vehicles and has propriety software/hardware for re-flashing any motronic/bosch ECU. He is way smart and if you search around 6speedonline forums you’ll find a lot of his P-car customers who are making huge huge huge power.


ohhh I know EPL, nice.


If I have an STi intercooler, STi Catback, Sti uppipe, Zero/Sports filter, GP Moto snorkel delete. What could I expect to put down if my car was road tuned?


on the stock td04 on the 2.0 litre anywhere from 190-220whp/220-230tq … on the higher end its close to the numbers of a bone stock sti… but you would need to be pushing 20psi in the midrange and tapering to 11psi or so and cranking a buttload of timing. HOWEVER… dyno numbers are all relative… dynos should only be used as a tuning tool, not as a measuring stick. take it to the track for real world output.


:crackup at Travis real world output at the track :banana


yeah… its depressing when hp and timeslips dont really add up… shit happens


I’m just curious becuase I want to make more than my AP ‘said’ I would.




do i have to mess with my program on the chip if i get RS4 cams or will my ecu adjust on its own? if i have to use something, whats good? Lemmiwinks?


access port is my guess… and the accessport doesnt give hp readouts :confused


Yeah I’m fairly sure you’ll need a new tune.


God I hope that’s not his AFR’s he’s looking at :rofl

18.7=187hp :rofl


Lemmiwinks I don’t think is something you just wan’t to start playing with…


Unless you know what you’re doing you can change the wrong thing or change something too much…