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OP is as much a tuner as I am a triathlete.

That is all.


Thanks for the boost in confidence. If I blow my motor up this weekend I’ll be taking your motarz


Buy me an M52, elliot’s turbz, and give me $600 and ill give you my moterz.


You are just jealous they wouldn’t let you compete in the special olympics.


Any where in the tristate area that is good with Nissan,id love to get the 350z dyno tuned.


i need to get my saab tuned i plan on doing the 2.3 engine swap from the 2.0 i have a garrett gt28 and a mitsu tdo4 what turbo would be best and can i run untuned? the car will have a 3" turbo back and a ebay front mount 30.5’‘X12’‘X3.0’’ to sum this up what im asking is in my ng900 witha a 2.3 swap turbo upgrade clutch large frontmount 3" turboback do i have to have it tuned first thing or can i drive it do i need injectors and what to expect at the front wheels the car has a trionic 5 engine management


SLLLLOWWWW DOWN PARTNER. you have way too much going on here. One thing at a time.

First things first. What that motor will hold the way you build it will determine the turbo. Also the manifold and down pipe need to physically hold the thing, so choose accordingly to what turbo you want to run.

Of course you need injectors. Well more so you need more fuel to match the added air the bigger turbo is stuffing into the engine. Fuel pressure, fuel maps, along side the injectors themselves will be needed to provide that extra fuel. See bellow.

Any turbo in the world can be mounted to any engine and “run”. Keeping it out of boost that is. The moment you dump 15 PSI through say that 28R you are looking at I bet twice the air entering the engine compared to a stock turbo/engine/hardware/tuning map. That equals MEGA lean mixture, and probably a bunch of timing still in the ECU will put a whole in a piston fast. Assuming by your post, this is a first time build, and you might be a young driver… if those assumptions are correct the moment you turn the key, untuned and want to “take it for a rip” you will boost it and have problems… you wont just limp it or trailer it to a tuner. Just saying, we see this all the time, no offense.

Lastly, with anything, doing it right the first time is the best way. If you dont understand the concepts of the engine and how all the hardware works together, I would gather up the parts and bring the car to a shop and have them install them correctly, and tune it correctly. Even simple things like plumbing the turbo and injectors when done wrong can leak and burn a car to the ground. Also, some people wont even touch a car to “tune it” when its a cobbled mess of parts & shotty installation. My shop wont I will tell you that. becasue when it pops, finger is pointed at us much faster than the guy who installed all the stuff.

BRING IT TO ALBANY SPEED SHOP / ALBANY SAAB SHOP. Thats the platform they specialize in! Do it right, bring the car, pile of parts and a check… drive out with a properly built running car.


Thanks Mike!
Yip ~ we can do that~ Neil just did that to his 2001 9-3.
I would come over and chat with Neil. I know we can do this. Its NBD!


See you soon!



Is there anyone around here that works with cobbs ap protune?


Ray at turbotek is tuning my car. Well known in the Subie scene here.