just wanted to formally say hey to the board…
i gots me a 85 na mr2
(formerly sleepy’s)
(by the way i did not hijack it)
hopefully i make him proud with the limited amount of money i have to spend on it. :slight_smile:

What up, I was there with the Jeep that was with Howie that day… Welcome!

What’s up nick :slight_smile:

Glad to have you around…!

Did you get a freakin’ alignment yet?

haha no he hasn’t gotten an alignment yet…

welcome to the board nick

too poor right now got 2 tires and balance alignment comes next check with other two tires. i did get a tps that helped with revving prob(still does it a little every now and then) got a supercharged vent for the side and a glass for the guages to replace spotted one, also second radio bezel going along with top of guage dash piece and glove box sent for carbon fiber-ing. and yeah she’s taking my money that i haven’t made yet. damn Ingrid. ha ha ha

also no c in nik

what ever happened with this? i miss my old car :frowning:


Hey man, Welcome.


just sayin

this kid used to work at circuit city right?

lol oh well.

mr2s suck.

he’s not a kid lol

but yes, he worked at circuit city

welcome to the board man :wave:



i wonder what the average IQ of this board is…

Tough question… Does it break triple digits…

This is worse than parody threads.

welcome :wave:

Hey another new member! Welcome to the boards man!