HELP: I keep getting calls from a disconnected number...WTF?

Okay, so every day now for the last week i get a phone call from a number in UTAH. (801)618-2020

I used to answer it and almost every time, it would be an immediate hang up as if it were automated. There was one time (i’m not 100% certain it was this exact number, but it was a UTAH number) that i answered and it was somebody who wanted me to take a survey.

I said i was not interested and hung up. I keep getting calls from this number once, sometimes twice a day. I tried calling back to find out who it is and get them to stop…but it’s disconnected.

WTF? what do i even do to stop it? The only action i have taken is i saved the number in my phone as a contact name “DO NOT ANSWER”

any ideas as to what is going on here?

It’s probably some automated system that uses alternate numbers for caller id to hide their true number. Can you call your mobile provider and have the number blocked? I’m not sure if that’s possible.

Could be an international call registering wrong. When my family calls from Europe it show up like that. It will show the area code as the country code, and on from there.


well it seems i am far from the only one getting these calls from this exact number:

though, i don’t know the solution yet.

^ did you try calling Pacific Crest Research and complaining?

In both the link you provided and the one Nikuk provided they’re listed:

Pacific Crest Research
690 West 1100 South
Ogden, UT 84404
(801) 627-6340


get another number…

fyi… try calling that number.

whoops, typo’d compnay name.

Parent company.

this would be a great trick to play on somebody lol…

research case: how many phone calls until 30 year old white male flips the fuck out