Reverse Lookup Question...

H King - (913) 248-1105 - 15730 W 65th St, Shawnee, KS 66217 - doesn’t seem to be a residential area, but I can’t zoom in any further. Not sure what the hell “H King” is… I’ve only been to Kansas once, and I didn’t impregnate anyone.

Basically they are calling my cell phone, staying on the line for 10 seconds and then hanging up. I don’t feel like calling Kansas… but is there any way for one of you Huge Nerds to figure out of this is residential or a company?

it’s “Millennium Marketing” :tdown:

call him with *67 and tell him you’re going to kill his first born son or something. :slight_smile:

Ahhh… how did you find this out?

just did a search, turns out you’re not the only one he’s calling. other people are pissed off, that have looked into it further and are posting on the net.

I just called up sprint and told them I wanted that number blocked. Aparently they can’t do that.

But she said I can get an additional 5% off my bill if I renew my contract. I laughed for a good 10 seconds before I went off on her about how shitty sprint is and i’m waiting for november to roll around to move to Verizon. She asked why November… I said it would be a nice birthday present for myself… and then I told her I had another phone with sprint that was on contract until then. She asked why… and I stated that the customer service sucks and my bills are constantly innacurate. Her next line was “Well Mr Toepfer, thank you for your call, are you satisfied with your service today?”

My answer being - “No, I called to have a number blocked and you guys can’t do it. But I think you are a nice person. Thank You.”

lol, yeah even verizon can’t block a number i think. just call and tell that guy that ’ “bad things” tend to happen to people that fuck with you '… that’s not really a threat… :slight_smile:

Good man. Anyone who has ever worked in a call center salutes you. People would say that same thing to me when I worked for ATT wireless and im thinkin “yea, I know we suck…try selling shit service…its tough…but thank you for not yelling at me”


if you want something more damatic… you could also send him some fresh road kill in a box… i mean you have his address. :slight_smile:

lol… I think having his first born is a very good idea.

I’m going to call him back.

EDIT - Busy.

finally got ahold of the fucker. apparently it is for some subscription to a magazine that is about to be cancelled. I can’t wait to get a hold of a rep instead of a machine… I’m going to tear them a new one.

Probably -
Sporting Weekly (I think, i throw this one right into the garbage)


Is that the new women’s PMS magazine?

^ :biglaugh:

i’d leave a sweet fucked up msg on that machine lol. :smiley: :slight_smile:

btw wtf is bleeder?? :gotme: :eek:

music mag

I think that address is a residential thing. Looks like an apartment complex.

edit: but after reading the last few replies (I didn’t read down that far the first time, lol) It looks like it can be an office complex. But that huge thing across the street is Wal-Mart. :tup:

I’m back…

Call this number and see if the message makes any sense…

8:30-4:00 Central Standard Time. WTF… they call my cell every 2 hours (automated dialer) sometimes past midnight…

WTF… where do I do this reverse look-up?

This is what I got so far, I left like 10 voicemails…

well, this is the first thing that popped up in yahoo –

btw now that i’m reading this – these are probably the people that ripped off my fucking g’ma for $75. fucking scum-bags. :bloated:


You really need to start using weird voicemail messages. It worked for me. Nobody calls my phone now :slight_smile:

Attorney General
(716) 845-8682
Elm St & Carlton St
Buffalo, NY 14263

Call there, maybe get some advice and/or file a complaint. Enough complaints and the AG investigates. Companies don’t like that…