I hear no S/C whine…

Word is they went with the GXP turbo motor. My dad just picked up a HHR, seems pretty nice for what it is, I haven’t driven it yet. I’m hoping some of the suspension stuff off the SS transfers over hehe.

your not up on your GM things huh? S/C ecotecs are history…turbocharged is taking their place



It’s still a POS HHR, adding an SS to it isn’t going to make it good in my eyes. Like we said in a previous thread, they will just throw that SS badge on any vehicle they can. Where is the new Aveo SS? I heard it’s pushing 75HP 25LB/FT and it has some sweet foglights and 16" chevy alloys!


Supposedly the turbo ecotec as found in the Solstice and whatnot.

I need to get one of those for the old Crapalier.

I wish GM would stop putting SS on everything

they take it off of a car that makes sense (the cobalt) and add it to an HHR…hmm.

I don’t follow GM too closely.

you over did it. aveo gets 103 hp 107ft lb’s tq 80 of that hp gets to the wheels
if they were to seriously turbo it i wanna see a 100% increase or nothing at all

Maybe I did overdo it a little, but I never said anything about forced induction. They will slap that SS badge on anything regradless of real performance upgrades, there have been plenty of SS’s that didn’t have force induction.

old SS = Super Sport

new SS = Super Shiny

It’s lost all it’s glory, now it’s just a hole…

GM is into fast grocery getters now…

Should of let the SS name die off,when the last camaro rolled off the line. then introduce it for the up coming camaro.


gm is into producing saturns for lesbians and faggots. fuck GM and fuck them even more when they get rid of buick.

buick and olds are old people mobiles