High-waisted pants...

Not that there are even any attractive girls on this site, but…

Fucking stop wearing this shit.

It’s fucking gross.

It makes your ass look bad.

It makes you look awkward and dumb, ESPECIALLY high waisted shorts.


Grow up, ladies.

low-rise ftw

pics? :stuck_out_tongue:

this awful shit:


They gotta be in perfect shape to pull it off, otherwise it’s a total boner destroyer.

Even the hottest girls still get knocked down in hotness by HWPs

that shit was ridiculously popular in the 80s

it is terrible




That broad needs to eat a sandwich and hit the gym. yuck.

The first one.

The second one is…oh boy.

God what an awful choice of attire. Looks like 50’s style shit.

wearing hwp = higher chances of ct exposure = ew.

i wear mine like that, right up to the tit

Camel toe?


it’s different for you…

That’s because you are 70 and it’s in style at the “resort” your kids convinced you to vacation at ( for the rest of your life ).

hahaha im HOT

There is a huge different between being hot and hot flashes… You have the latter

dude 2 face is DEAD, get over it :slight_smile:

high rise makes for short-looking torsos. yuck.

low rise short shorts are yummier.