Highest speeding ticket ever?!?!?

Glad i never was caught speeding here…

looks like his fine could be a 7 figure fine… yowzaaa

Time to move out of country?

i feel worse for the kid with the bugatti. they just straight took the car for going 100mph

if you have enuff cash to buy a veyron and then let your kid drive, you have enuff money to either get that one back or just buy a new 1

Highest speed or ticket cost?

cost of ticket.

Based on your income?! Oh right socialist Europe.

damn permanent seizure of the bugatti

Where do you see that? I thought it just said $500 fine, even though that’s nothing if you own a bugatti.

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I’m talking about this.

there is a link in the first one about a kid with a bugatti that gets it taken away.

Highly doubt it, if you have the money for a Bugatti, you have the connects to get your car out of hock.

says it in here

Some jurisdictions give the cars back after impounding them for a period of time, though in Holland, the car can be confiscated permanently and that’s just what happened a few weeks back when a 20-year old who had borrowed his dad’s car, was booked for doing double the speed limit – 160 kmh in an 80 kmh zone.

That was just far enough over the limit to permanently lose the vehicle he was driving, and win him the world record for the most expensive speeding ticket in history, even if it was effectively being paid by his father – he was driving pop’s Bugatti Veyron worth EUR1.8 million!

As far as we can determine, the car is gone for good, and dad is no doubt having a few stern words with junior, despite dad’s long term association with motorsport.

As far as I can determine he did get the car back. Its subjective, plus I really doubt they looked into it after the fact. Think about it. The dad would have been better off saying his son stole the car if he wasn’t getting it back. Paying for a lawyer to get his son out of a car jacking arrest would be much cheaper then a 1+ million dollar car. Rich people are not that stupid. (Or at least their investors and lawyers aren’t that stupid. LoL)

true im sure ur right