Highly Modified S10

Was in Cedar Creek when I spotted it. Nice gentleman that owns it, stopped and talked for about an hour. We looked over the whole S10, and then showed him my Trans which he enjoyed.

So many mods are done to this truck including: Tubbed, fuel cell, shortened bed, chopped top, corvette engine & drivetrain including rearend, shaved tailgate, custom paint & body panels, and many more things. This truck was amazing inside and out!


Sorry the pics arent great quality, they were taken on my phone… :crying:

Man that’s a blast from the 90’s past.

No slip no care…

Did he make it ugly on purpose ?

I think it looks decent, I dont agree with some of the mods but nonetheless a decent looking truck. Then again growing up my dad had an 88’ S10 with a similar paint job, so maybe I’m used to ‘ugly’?? :nuts:

I’m assuming he made it a long time ago ?

Who my dad? Yeah it was done in the early 90’s and was totaled in 01’ when a drunk driver pulled out in front of him. This guys truck was done back in 01’ I believe, so yeah it was built when this wasnt in style anymore.

Here is an old pic of my dad’s truck for you to see what I mean:


WTF?!?! Are the headlights and grille from an early 90’s buick century?

I was thinking headlights out of a Chevy Celebrity.

Correct haha, also has a Ford Tempo front bumper. What else, Sunbird brake lights, Caddy third brake light, Camaro louvers on doors, custom dash, and I believe old Concord fender flares?

Those mods, besides the custom dash and flares, are what I think makes the truck look ugly. The rest of the work on the truck looks good I think.

I was thinking caprice or monte headlights with fireturd modified tails

If I’m not mistaken he’s made it through Starlite cruise over the last few years… don’t think it got any prettier in person…

Plisco’s Auto Body built it about 10 years ago. It was ugly then & still is.

Back then it was said that it was worth $100K. :kekegay:

this one looks good.

I’ve seen it in person (Detroit Autorama 2 yrs ago - it was parked next to one of Foose’s previous Ridler Award winners, not even in the same ballpark in terms of build quality). It looks good from about 10-15 feet (build quality only - IMO the car is ugly). It looks to be high caliber until you are up close. When you see it next to real high caliber show cars, it looks like poop.

Plisco’s MO is combining all these different body/trim items to build a custom ‘abortion’. The paintwork is usually top notch, but that is about the only redeeming quality about any of the vehicles I’ve seen out of there.

wow your a dick :rofl: :rofl:

I’m sure there’s alot of time put into it, but they tried to use too many parts from too many cars. There’s no flow.

Theres no way what I saw today is worth $100k lol :nono:


Agreed. :tounge: