Hit 100k miles today. I can feel the depreciation.


i just went out of warranty, hit 50,000 two days ago

i have a 2002 gti with 106.5K miles… :frowning:

I also have a 2002 Gti with 105,xxx.

My car is better than his because its green though. Don’t get the two confused.

Welcome to the 100k club. We hang out in super secret meeting spots every night and have a big group meeting.

yours had poop in it though

Thats kustom.

Mileage doesn’t bother me too much. I bought my 01 Jeep with about 125k last year, and now I have 143k on it. I suppose that Jeeps depreciate regardless of their mileage, so that’s part of the reason.

My GTP just did that like 2 weeks ago.

My Acura has 99k and I have stopped driving it just so it doesn’t pass that 100k mark!

im at 37k :frowning: gonna drive it till the wheels fall off or untill i live where i dont have to put 8 anti theft devices on my car ina locked gated comunity.

I have 4,500 miles to go before that mark. :frowning:

I’m happy to be in the club… I guess. :slight_smile:

My plan has always been to keep this car for 7 years so the 100k mark was bound to happen. Nothing out there really interests me plus I like the idea of not having a car payment for a couple years. In it’s current state the car is the perfect balance of power and comfort/luxury.


I just hit 30k last night.

And the car is only 15 months old :frowning:

im at 21k and ive had the car for 19months im going to stop driving it im getting close to you guys lol

my old civic hit 100k like 3 years ago now has 143,000

ha i hit that mark 57 thousand miles ago…good thing mines a diesel so its just now starting to get broken in =)

Yikes. Who/what are you running from? :slight_smile:

I’m running from SoLow :rofl:

I have a 25 mile one way commute every day. Plus extra driving in between.

Depreciation just fucking slaughters me.

im at like 125,000

102k here