Hit and run...



Things we know:
Drive was drunk
Driver had no license
Driver has history of drunk driving
Driver hit pedestrians
Pedestrian mother died

Things we don’t know:
How fast driver was going
Color of light
If “walk” or “don’t walk” was on
If there was even a “walk” or “don’t walk” sign


Don’t pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way, legally?


Growing up with no parents except possibly the surrogate of aunt or grandmother is no better. There is no father in this family.

A motorist must yield to a pedestrian. Especially, in a crosswalk no matter what color the light is.


There are definitely exceptions, like stepping out in front of a vehicle where the vehicle has no chance of stopping. Which may or may not be the case here.


Hey now don’t put this on all liberals. I think there is only one criminal here… the driver




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