Hit and run...


Someone sent me this today…



Guess not anymore…


what a piece of shit… I hope he gets everything that’s coming to him


went to school with the kid. wouldnt know what to expect from the kid


yea my co-worker owns the bar right across the street, he was just talking about this




this is horrible. especially in the holiday season. this poor kid is gunna associate the holidays with his mom getting ran over for the rest of his life.

I cant stand drunk drivers. I hope he gets the maximum penalty whatever it is.


Glad they caught the piece of shit.

This happened 2 blocks from my house. I was driving home last night and they had the whole street blocked off with police tape and like 15 police cars. I figured someone got shot.


Glad they caught him.
But the family won’t get their mother back.


He lost his side view mirror, which i belive on most of the time have hte vin # stickers on the inside of the casing… he would have been fucked either way…


so sad


People like this make me sick…


sure hope he gets raped in the big house :tup:


Someone needs to print out that facebook page and pass out copies in jail.

O <------- butthole on day 1

O <-------- butthole on day 30




I know the kid and im embarassed to say I do


another reason why DWI should be a manditory 10 years in prison the first time, and life any time after.


+1 Drunk Drivers suck so much asshole.


Hopefully he deads himself. But not until he gets raped. Fucking ridiculous.


this is really sad.


I know the lady Ch 4 interviewed. She might need counseling. I couldnt imagine seeing that. It sucks so bad to lose someone during the holidays. Not to mention a young mother and the child witness’d the accident.