Home Depot Messages.

G’day fellas. Was picking up some stuff at home depot today and noticed a note under my wiper blade.

It reads…

“Hey. Nice Skyline. Check out the Nissan Entusiats Car Club at www.n-e-c-c.com. We’d love to talk to you about it. -Pyrexxx”

So here I am. :smiley:

Didn’t realize there was a Nissan club in Edmonton.

About me… My names Jayson. I just picked up the car a few weeks back. Flew down to Vancouver and drove her back. Im assuming Pyrexxx is a member on this board but as he would have noticed Im still on a transit pass till I pass my OOP.

Anywho. G’day fellas.

P.S Ohh and Pyrexxx. If you want the French Instructions to whatever you bought back just let me know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the NECC! Yeah Pyrexxx is one of the “higher ups” here. I’d love to see some pics of that Skyline whenever you can get some!

Yup, PyreXXX is Kris, one of our board members. I’m glad you found out about us. There’s a lot more to this club than just its forums. We have a lot of events, in fact we have a race day on Saturday at Namao.

Hope to see the Skyline out at some meets. :slight_smile:

Welcome! GTR or GTS-T? Also, thank you for not saying G’day mates. I’m not a fan of cliches.

I get arrested for looking at a car and Kris can just walk up to one and leave note… Whatever. Welcome.

haha that sucks rage. but welcome

Cheers fellas…

Welcome! GTR or GTS-T? Also, thank you for not saying G’day mates. I’m not a fan of cliches.

Its a GTS-T. But she sure aint Stock so GTR’s best watch there back… :lol: I didn’t want a GTR just because the RB26 is a money pit. Soon as you mention RB26 parts go up 3 fold.

And while it might sound a little cliche it is something we actualy say (G’day mate). Its just TV shows and crap that have beat it too death.

I’ll have to come out to some of the meets. Got alot of plans for the car this summer so hopefully I get as much drive time in as I do shop time.

You seriouslly got arrested? I knew someone was touching my car cause my shock sensor was going off while I was in the store…

It’s okay, he’s brown. They get arrested for anything. :lol:

Welcome! I’m assuming you’re Australian then? Did you move here recently and decide to buy a car that reminded you of home or what? :smiley:

haha yes i am. Actually I’ve been over here a few years but I’ve been in love with skylines forever since we have them at home. Then about a year or two they started coming into Canada so I had to get one. :smiley:

If only I was still at home though I could have an R33 or R34

R34!? I thought you didn’t want to spend lots of money :E

An R34 would be worth it… :E

Well that’s pretty sweet. I stopped for some construction about a week ago and the guy thought I was from Australia because of my car. :slight_smile:

I always get New Zealand or british? You realize how many North Americans have NO IDEA that the majority of the world is RHD. They honestly believe most places are LHD like them. :?

EDIT: Just pulled up a graph and holy crap. Theres more LHD in the world than I thought… Still its amazing that people dont realize other countries drive on opposite sides.

You have a map of what is LHD and what is RHD? I’d like to see that.

Sure thing…


R Afghanistan
R Albania
R Algeria
R American Samoa
R Andorra
R Angola
L Anguilla
L Antigua and Barbuda
R Argentina
R Armenia
R Aruba
L Australia
R Austria
R Azerbaijan
L Bahamas
R Bahrain
L Bangladesh
L Barbados
R Belarus
R Belgium
R Belize
R Benin
L Bermuda
L Bhutan
R Bolivia
R Bosnia and Herzegovina
L Botswana
R Brazil
R British Indian Ocean Territory (Diego Garcia)
L Brunei
R Bulgaria
R Burkina Faso
R Burundi
R Cambodia
R Cameroon
R Canada
R Cape Verde
L Cayman Islands
R Central African Republic
R Chad
R Chile
R China, People's Republic of (Mainland China)
L Christmas Island (Australia)
L Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Australia)
R Colombia
R Comoros
R Congo
L Cook Islands
R Costa Rica
R Croatia
R Cuba
L Cyprus
R Czech Republic
R Denmark
R Djibouti
L Dominica
R Dominican Republic
L East Timor
R Ecuador
R Egypt
R El Salvador
R Equatorial Guinea
R Eritrea
R Estonia
R Ethiopia
L Falkland Islands
R Faroe Islands (Denmark)
L Fiji
R Finland
R France
R French Guiana
R French Polynesia
R Gabon
R Gambia, The
R Gaza Strip
R Georgia
R Germany
R Ghana
R Gibraltar
R Greece
R Greenland
L Grenada
R Guadeloupe (French West Indies)
R Guam
R Guatemala
L Guernsey (Channel Islands)
R Guinea
R Guinea-Bissau
L Guyana
R Haiti
R Honduras
L Hong Kong
R Hungary
R Iceland
L India
L Indonesia
R Iran
R Iraq
L Ireland
R Israel
L Isle of Man
R Italy
R Ivory Coast
L Jamaica
L Japan
L Jersey (Channel Islands)
R Jordan
R Kazakhstan
L Kenya
L Kiribati
R Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (North Korea)
R Korea, Republic of (South Korea)
R Kuwait
R Kyrgyzstan
R Laos
R Latvia
R Lebanon
L Lesotho
R Liberia
R Libya
R Liechtenstein
R Lithuania
R Luxembourg
L Macau
R Macedonia
R Madagascar
L Malawi
L Malaysia
L Maldives
R Mali
L Malta
R Marshall Islands
R Martinique (French West Indies)
R Mauritania
L Mauritius
R Mayotte (France)
R Mexico
R Micronesia, Federated States of
R Midway Islands (USA)
R Moldova
R Monaco
R Mongolia
L Montserrat
R Morocco
L Mozambique
R Myanmar (Burma)
L Namibia
L Nauru
L Nepal
R Netherlands
R Netherlands Antilles (Curacao, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius, Saba)
R New Caledonia
L New Zealand
R Nicaragua
R Niger
R Nigeria
L Niue
L Norfolk Island (Australia)
R Northern Mariana Islands (Saipan)
R Norway
R Oman
L Pakistan
R Palau
R Panama
L Papua New Guinea
R Paraguay
R Peru
R Philippines
L Pitcairn Islands (Britain)
R Poland
R Portugal
R Puerto Rico
R Qatar
R Reunion
R Romania
R Russia
R Rwanda
R Saint Barth�emy (French West Indies)
L Saint Helena
L Saint Kitts and Nevis
L Saint Lucia
R Saint Martin (French West Indies)
R Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France)
L Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
R Samoa
R San Marino
R Sao Tome e Principe
R Saudi Arabia
R Senegal
L Seychelles
R Sierra Leone
L Singapore
R Slovakia
R Slovenia
L Solomon Islands
R Somalia (a part of Somalia trying to assert independence, Somaliland, also drives on the right)
L South Africa
R Spain
L Sri Lanka
R Sudan
L Suriname
R Svalbard (Norway)
L Swaziland
R Sweden
R Switzerland
R Syria
R Taiwan
R Tajikistan
L Tanzania
L Thailand
R Togo
L Tokelau (New Zealand)
L Tonga
L Trinidad and Tobago
R Tunisia
R Turkey
R Turkmenistan
L Turks and Caicos Islands
L Tuvalu
L Uganda
R Ukraine
R United Arab Emirates
L United Kingdom
R United States
R Uruguay
R Uzbekistan
R Vanuatu
R Venezuela
R Vietnam
L Virgin Islands (British)
L Virgin Islands (US)
R Wake Island (USA)
R Wallis and Futuna Islands [Fr.]
R West Bank
R Western Sahara (ex Spanish Sahara)
R Yemen
R Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro)
R Zaire
L Zambia
L Zimbabwe


Hey man, glad you made it! :smiley: We do actually have real flyers, but I was in my boss’s work truck and had to improvise!

Btw, I don’t think I need the french directions back. They’re from a steel bladed cutoff saw, and the french directions probably just tell you how it’s not suitable for cutting cheese and so on! :wink:

I noticed your car and transit pass, and figured that I’d just let you know that we were out there. So I go to put the note under your wiper blade and your car starts beeping at me, which I assume is your shock sensor, and I’m like, Oh Christ, here we go. A car alarm about to go off and me wearing a flourescent safety vest yet. :smiley: At least I’m not brown like Ryan or the car probably would have taken it’s own ebrake off and ran me over. :E

Anyway, glad you made it and hope to see you out at one of our events soon! :smiley:


The night of stalking will be good this year… You’ll get to see a brown guy go to jail :E

haha. I got a good laugh outta that. Especially the handbrake part…

Sounds like a good bunch of guys/gals. Definately have to come out soon.