Home router?

What kind of home router do you have?

dont tell him :snky:


Linksys WRT54G3G

Throw my Verizon wireless card into it and i got a mobile network anywhere.

stupid westel router/modem combo from verizon. Have a few netgears and another no-name laying in a box somewhere but don’t really have the need to use them

RTP300 router (came with vonage)
WAP54G wireless access point

Older WRT54g. I love the stupid thing. Great range too, since it has the booster antennas.

I have a linksys, a netgear, and a cisco I currently use the linksys for the wireless and the cisco is just there to provide a hardware firewall to my web/ftp server

linksys WRT300N

Belkin no problems, love it. Had a Netgear, it sucked. Had to reset it all the time.

Eh, the Fios modem/router which I cant recall the brand of.
DLink 802.G wireless router.
Linksys Gigabit Switch

netgear blows ass

it’s all about linksys or dlink

The cheapest Netgear wireless router I could find. No issues here, simple interface. It looks like an Apple product though.

I hope not, I just ordered 6 netgear AP’s to place in my warehouse, they were pretty damn expensive for netgear standards. The CDW engineer who had his choice of units chose those over linksys or any of the other mid price units.



Don’t have any exp. with expensive ones, just talking about $50ish home wifi setups…

WRT54G. I want to switch to something better with gigabit switch ports on it for my server.

Can anyone with FIOS comment on the router/modem they provide; does it have gig switch ports?

what does gigabit switch ports mean. i saw that when i was lookin at router last week

Gigabit = 1000mbit

Normal is 100mbit now. Also known as 10/100 (since they can do the old 10mbit as well).

Gigabit is 10/100/1000.