Homeowners.... Good brands?

What brands are good lately?

I’m thinking LG for refridge, LG/samsung for wash/dry and LG for stove.

Lawnmower cub cadet? Go with the blade and chains for winter or a snowthrower?

Power washer Generac

Samsung was the best refrigerator, and LG the best front loading washer drier 4 years ago when we moved into our house. I haven’t had a problem with either so far.

We have a Toro push mower and a Stihl weed eater/whacker, also both work great.

Plowing/blowing snow with a lawn tractor sucks

Not a fan of Samsung after owning a fridge and microwave from them. Microwave didn’t even last 2 years.

Kenmore range has been great. Bosch dishwashers rock.

Toro mower rocks. Echo leaf blower is a power house. Been having issues with my troy bilt weed whacker.

Milwaukee for power tools. Sawzall will cut through anything.

Need more info about yard, driveway etc. Riding mower or push? snowthrower or snowblower?

We have Kenmore washer and dryer, they work great.

My husband has only ever used Toro lawnmowers. Just make sure it’s a super recycler/mulcher otherwise your lawn is going to look like crap. Regular ones leave clumps all over unless you want to bag it every time you mow. They are well worth the extra $$.

Whirlpool for all the kitchen appliances have been great for me. The LG/Samsung stuff I hear a lot about electronic control boards that run all the fancy features taking a shit and costing a fortune. Front loading washer/drier are LG and no issues as well, but I only use them to wash towels. Mom’s laundry service FTW.

Kenmore is just other brands of appliaces renamed for Sears.

When i got done appliace shopping a few weeks ago, both the guy at Lowes and Sears recommended Samsung as being one of the best brands out.

Just remember, if your shopping for LG/Samsung stuff, be prepared for a hefty price tag at checkout.

My Samsung fridge has been great. One of the only consumer grade refrigerators to use a dual cooling system that prevents mixing your fridge and freezer air. Sub Zero has this feature, but they’re big bucks and almost commercial grade. By doing this everything stays fresh and your ice/ice cream don’t pick up the flavor of what ever you put in the fridge. It’s actually my 2nd one. The first one had a problem with the interior cabinet shrinking a little bit causing the drawer not to work right. It was swapped out under warranty and the replacement has been perfect going on 8 years.

Hated my Toro recycler walk behind mower. Constantly struggled to mulch even short grass. Right now I’m using a Craftsman mulching walk behind but only because I got it free off a friend who didn’t want to mess with it when it wouldn’t run right. Turned out it just needed a new plug and about a quart of oil drained out since it was grossly overfilled. It mows better than the Toro but the rear wheel design sucks and the mount for them is constantly bending. Next one will be a rear drive Honda.

The pressure washer my mom and I share is a Karcher 2400 with a Honda motor. Other than having to replace the unloader valve with a revised design because it would be jammed every spring when you’d go to use it the first time it’s been perfect for 12+ years. If it died I’d buy another Karcher/Honda combo the next day.

If you tell me exactly what you are looking for I can post the Consumer reports ratings.

Surpise Surprise the keypad on my Samsung microwave took a dump.

The Kenmore stuff I have was bought because it was inexpensive and simple. Their “stainless” stuff is 50/50 black/stainless so maybe that keeps the cost down. My Samsung refrigerator was $1200? and I mostly just liked the internal lighting. The ice dispenser is retarded but I think most models are that way.

My Samsung fridge has been pretty good, with the exception that the water dispenser that is inside the refrigerator (which I happen to like because then I get all the shelf space on the inside of the door as well as a cleaner look on the outside) leaks water for a minute after being used. So I have to keep a paper towelon the little ledge below it to catch the water or else I get a mini puddle inside the fridge. Really annoying and a lot of people have the same issue.

My honda pushmover rocks…1/2 acre lot…i like my shovel since i have no room for snowblower in my garage since i actually put my cars in the garage in the winter…ince the shed goes up i will want a blower…Whirlpool appliances have been great so far

my briggs and stratton powered craftmans pressure washer does its job on the cars and siding

120ft double driveway. 1 acre lot.

Need a riding mower and a good snow thrower if the blade idea isn’t good.

Fridge, gotta go french door with bottom freezer.
Stove is gas, really like the dual oven door models.
Washer and Dryer, think we are going front loader, should be just a hair more beneficial for the septic.

Who is town has the best prices? Orvilles, lowes, hoe depot, any mom and pop joints?

Kenmore Elite front load washer/dryers here too. Both with steam, and definitely get the pedestals if you aren’t stacking them.

In the kitchen we have Maytag for everything, house was built 3 years ago and we have had zeros issues. Side by side fridge, gas range, dishwasher and over the stove microwave…all in stainless which still looks BRAND new.

Bought my John Deere 46" cut from Lowes two years ago and no issues so far, have about 60 hours so far.

moved into a new house in feb and bought all new top of the line LG appliances. so far so good, my wife especially likes the LG washer and dryer.

depending on how much you cook make sure you get a convection oven. I have an electolux range and fridge and a bosch dishwasher they’re pretty decent, like everything else I feel like you get what you pay for…

I am assuming none of you with bosch dish washers had your house start on fire ? Lol

A lot of people (most of them) that we do work for get their appliances from orvilles. We were working on a house that a person flipped and they bought all of their appliances from there and got a free fridge. it wasn’t the correct size for the cabinets, but it was a free stainless fridge lol.

I would shop around. It seems most houses we’ve done either use whirlpool or LG