Hot Shots ::: S-Chassis Inspiration Pics

maybe we had a thread like this at one time… maybe not… if there was one someone post a link and i’ll merge it in.

either way, i’m seeing some pics lately that make me want to build another car…

anyone have more info on this one?

And also… Rocket Bunny… jesus

I wasn’t really loving the white one at the gas station but in black it gives me a mega-boner

i actually bought the current super street issue to read up on the TF car… left it on the airplane though.

srsly… why so many hawts?

People are now older,
Most people now have career’s,
Most of us now are making decent amount of money that allows us to finally build hawt shit.

I can’t wait to see what all the hellaflush dudes , flush, poke, drift guys are up to in 10 years down the road from now…

The top car is from Cali I believe. Either him or a buddy have a hatch that is done up the same. It’s pretty easy to find more pics of it just go on zilvias “post pics of your car” thread as he posts pics basically every day. Same with the “wheel fitment whore thread”

Yeah his car and red hatch, prefer the hatch IMO, username is shreevco or something.

Rocket Bunny car = jizzinmypants

fuck all that zilvia hunting, i don’t want to discuss with people i don’t know… that’s the whole value of the local forum… i could give two shits what johnny $9/hr in Mecalifornia thinks about whatever.

and this is coming from a guy who joined Zilvia in like 2001 with 2000+ posts… it’s a great forum but has it’s place

Do want:

Also classy:

Justin Shreeve owns the first one. Him and Joe Ayala have two super dope cars.

wheel specs:
Unknown camber front
-5* camber rear
20/30mm Origin fenders

moar :stuck_out_tongue:

The Rocket Bunny s13 you posted is in the front page of Super Street.

okay after seeing the car in these last pics i don’t like it anymore at all. i thought it was all go underneath… apparently not?

this is very true.

The difference between the two?

One looks like it was hacked together by your average son’ling.
The other looks like it was built by someone with taste and proper sized pockets…

Wow those cars are brutal. Are you kidding me?


as much as I hate the twins that are built to purposely look like multicolored pieces of shit, the rocket bunny car isnt very nice either, theres a lot of wood screws holding gauges in and shit like that in it, its just someone with a sense of style that did it

I’m really torn with the whole stance-missle style of car. Like if you took the shreeve car and finished properly, painted and all that, sure it would look good but it would have lost something. Like the difference between a rat rod and finished show rod kinda deal.

yeah im over that first car already… but the Rocket Bunny car from TF is rad.

are you sure this one has the woodscrews?

Ugh, I hate those two multicoloured, hackedtogether, retardedstickered, bumperless pos’s. They are everything thats wrong with zilvia.

On the other side of the spectrum…

I’m not into this… too low to be functional. Otherwise pretty decent though.

the DSG car is not even a 240sx anymore.

Over the hella unfunctional cars. this one is nicely balanced.