How bad would a C5 Z06 be in the snow?

On proper snow tires of course.

Specifically, I wonder how much worse it would be than my GTO on snows, which I find perfectly acceptable.

Not seriously looking but once Jillian is out of the car seat stage I’ll probably be ready for a change and I’m definitely not going to back to the summer car/winter car 3 car BS.

I back it. I can’t imagine it’d be that bad of a snow driver… I just don’t know if I’d want to daily it because of lack of cargo space…

get this winter beater, put vw or bmw wheels on it and be my hero

C5 trunk space ISNT that bad. z06 has that diff hatch than the normal coupe glass…idk if that gives it more or less room. but i drove the Z that is lower than a C5 and with good snow tires on, it was fine…i imagine a c5 w traction control will be FINE.

Only thing ive heard that can be an issue is that the body is fiberglass…if its frozen and you hit something…its F’ed and cracked up…idk…id do it.

I hated dd’ing my 350z, roadster trunks SUCK. I’ve seen the trunk in a c5, not much better.

I think as long as you’re not working super far away, you should be able to find a wheel/snow tire combo that would be just fine in the winter.

Cargo space isn’t really an issue since my wife would still be DD’ing something capable of towing the boat, so most likely a mid to large sized SUV. For my M-F commute life the most I ever haul is a laptop bag.

And I drive 2 miles to work. On really bad days my wife goes right by my office on the way to her work so we can always carpool.

Sounds fun!

my dad has a c5 and we fit 2 golf bags and a decent amount of other misc. crap. all the time…while not HUGE… it DEF holds more than youd think like most hatches do…but like i said z06 has that weird rear window/hatch…idk how much space you gain or lose

As long as you have good snows, you’ll be fine. Do it to it. :tup:

I just bought a 470HP RWD dd. Made the current owner spring for Blizzaks. Do it.

Z06 Ground clearance is lower and it weighs less which would be two negatives for winter driving. If you run snows on all corners I would think it would handle the snow fine though just like any other car.

What’d ya get?

I’m guessing CTS-V.

Close. Change one letter and think more boat-y.

I know a guy that used to do this. He said he didn’t have any problems doing it, beyond driving through several inches of snow.

Mazda Miata?

Neither CTS-Vs has 470, unless you boost a V1 or detune a V2?

STS-V and XLR-V are in that camp though

Guessing the STS-V he was looking at.

Big downside (for me) would be the ground clearance, where I live there’s almost always some snow on the road, and big drifts. You’re also gonna have some fat (read: riding on the snow instead of through it) and expensive rubber on that, too. But the chassis would be silly fun, and the handling should keep you out of trouble.

Be one helluva winter ride :tup:

Around here there is rarely that much on the roads. As for the wide snows I’d do what I do now and get a set of aftermarket rims to keep the snows on. Doing that I assume I’d be able to go quite a bit narrower if I spent some time figuring out the right offsets to make everything clear.

There is a guy in Rochester who tows his snowmobile with his C5 Z06. Get snows, man up.