How do I get permission to view threads on Tapatalk?


I see threads I want to view but I keep getting “you may not have permission to do this”. What do I need to do to stop this?


It’s Tapatalk. Fucking app sucks chode.




Anything better? Or should I start viewing it on Chrome?

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Up to you…I haven’t really looked into another app. Tapatalk was one that I paid for, and now they made the version I paid for the free version and have a new paid version out. That is pretty slimey if you ask me.


It is not exactly tapatalk’s issue. The scripting that we use to have separate sites all operating off of one database with cross domain content is custom. Tapatalk has no access to it and would not bother to write for it if they did. We are an anomaly to them and what you are seeing is content drawn from the database and not filtered by domain. In essence, if my thinking is correct, you are viewing the network outside of my filters. I will look to see if there is a way to “correct” this but it will not really fix anything, it will just remove the stuff that you can’t click.


I figured there was some backend stuff.


What if I joined the other forms? Would I be able to view then?

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You already are “joined”. It’s a single sign on type environment. So basically KuntryQuestTSi is already registered on all the other forums, without you having to stop at each one and registering…if that makes sense?


I was under the assumption I had to register on each forum, and the others where more of a shortcut will a share all section.

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Nah, that would be worthless. It’s 1 login for everything here.


I’m pretty useless here, but you haven’t banned me yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

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HA that’s not how this place works either, lol.


I had to make an account on SON in order to view anything on SON. And I couldn’t post on polisuck either
This is what I was talking about in the tapatalk thread


That makes no sense. if you go over to and login as deebo you will be able to read and post. Tapatalk is another animal all together.


Ok little more info…I think the permissions error comes from threads that you haven’t viewed or participated in before…

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Different forums?

i know i’m on SON more than here and when i click an NYspeed thread on tapatalk( under the SON section) it says i don’t have permission. Same when I’m on NYS and see SON threads.


This is what I was trying to ask, I think most of the threads I get the permission Crap from is from SON. I’ll just make an account there and see what happens

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Will this help me log into and I’m not sure which one I prefer yet. Is Huk here to help? Maybe Butch?

Side note: Are posts about walkers, canes and motorized scooters considered off-topic, or do they qualify as speed-related?


Butch is around. Huk… :salut:

I wish we had that old database somewhere.

I need to follow UBRF on Twitter :slight_smile: