how fast should this turbo honda run ? READ THIS PARTS LIST!

got this IM while i was out with a friend cause apparently i was still in a chatroom

and no, this hasnt been edited in any way by me, except i left the 1/8 mile time out … cause it doesnt sound fast enough for all the mods … curious to see what u guys say

the car is a civic si of unknown year

[size=1][9:56 P.M.]: [font=Arial]what u have done?
[9:56 P.M.]: nothing huh?[/size][/font]
[size=1][10:00 P.M.]: i got a jasper raceing motor with t4 turbo by greddy stage 3 clucth by boomx sprint raceing supenstion greddy lowering springs 150shot of o2 bmg igniton amx cold air intake greddy inter cooler borla headrers car back 3 1/2 inch tubeing with borla exsuhst runs -snip- at lancaster

at least high 9’s in the 1/4.

I hear jasper motors are the shit

greddy lowering springs? 150 shot of oxygen? borla headers? headers on a turbo car?


t4 turbo by greddy stage - dont most greddy kits for honda have mitsu turbos ?
3 clucth by boomx - boomx doesnt exist and bomex makes … um …
sprint raceing supenstion -sprint is an actual import parts company
greddy lowering springs -greddy DOES make lowering springs
150shot of o2 - mistype ? but still a hell of a shot !
bmg igniton - the only bmg i know works w/ music

amx cold air intake - a CA kit on a turbo car ?
greddy inter cooler
borla headrers - headers ? the car only neads one mani, it would come w/ the greddy kit, and borla doesnt make turbo headers for anything that i know of

car back 3 1/2 inch tubeing with borla exsuhst … how much shit does borla even make for the SI ? all i found was a header , but i didnt feel like scrolling thru every year of the SI

runs 7.8 at lancaster

[size=2]which means its a 12.5 sec car … im sorry … im expecting a low 11 second car out of this shit … uncle juan was g-teching 13.5 on like 9 psi, plastic plumbing for the turbo and a crappy small exhaust system and an fmu … and he doesnt even have vtec [/size]

this kid is full of shit

theres your answer

has anyone ever seen a fast civic at lancaster?

didn’t think so.

i dont think there is such thing as a fast civic.

i have read about them on forums, but its like big foot, or nessy… i have never seen one.



that kid needs to put down the crack pipe, he sounds like an internet racer.

I think its slo with or without the turbo

ok, so who wants to race him ?

seriosly … ill tell ya where he works if you think you can take him :slight_smile:

if he has sprint suspension y would he have greddy springs…sprint makes springs and springs are part of suspension so wouldny sprint racing suspension = springs as well

yea … sprint is the shizzle for sure on a race car …woooooooooo!

sprint strut tower bar : price 109 … i SEROUSLY hope that bar is a joke

if he wants to run anyone tell him to come to Taffy’s some day. I will be ready…bring the pain.

im wondering who has the fastest nissan 240sx in the area thats CURRENTLY available for racing

next time hes on ill just gbe like “yea i got this this and this and im available *** to go take it to the streets” … and ill just ride along and hold the vid cam

hell … i can claim to own just about anything and just say my aol screenname is for my “drifting project”

who in the area has a high 11 sec street car and would be willing to help me punk a honda owner running a 150 shot of ooooooooxxxx! (well its not naaawwws, lol)

this thread is lame :slight_smile:

Hmm, well I guess I could slow it down for him if thats all ya need :slight_smile:

who want in on this race ? lol

and oh yea … who has the “mad honda skills” pic ? the dude with the goofy look on his face and his hat sideways rollin down the highway ?

Nissan240sxPOS [10:30 P.M.]: hey man
Twisted Civic Sl [10:30 P.M.]: was up?
Nissan240sxPOS [10:31 P.M.]: not much … was wonderin what else u have done to ur car
[10:31 P.M.]: ha
[10:31 P.M.]: lot
Nissan240sxPOS [10:31 P.M.]: how much boost r u runnin
[10:32 P.M.]: 150 o2
Nissan240sxPOS [10:32 P.M.]: no … on the turbo kit
Nissan240sxPOS [10:32 P.M.]: how many pounds ?
[10:32 P.M.]: 25
Nissan240sxPOS [10:33 P.M.]: have u had it dynoed ?
[10:34 P.M.]: yea by jl about a year ago 345hp
Nissan240sxPOS [10:34 P.M.]: cool
[10:35 P.M.]: its still to slow
[10:35 P.M.]: i have a 97 supra twin turbo iam redoing
Nissan240sxPOS [10:35 P.M.]: sweeeet
l [10:35 P.M.]: yea its my baby
Nissan240sxPOS [10:36 P.M.]: have u taken it to nyi to run the 1/ 4 ?
l [10:36 P.M.]: naw just moved here from nc
Nissan240sxPOS [10:37 P.M.]: do u street race ?
l [10:37 P.M.]: yea for money only
Nissan240sxPOS [10:38 P.M.]: what did u say it runs at lancaster ?
[10:38 P.M.]: 7.9
Nissan240sxPOS [10:39 P.M.]: you know thats the 1/8 mile, right ?
[10:39 P.M.]: yea cheap shit
Nissan240sxPOS [10:42 P.M.]: i migtht be able to find you some money races if you dont bind racing overweight camaros
[10:43 P.M.]: dude get me a vett
[10:43 P.M.]: 3500 bucks or pink slip
l [10:43 P.M.]: :wink:
Nissan240sxPOS [10:43 P.M.]: i donno if i know any guys w/ vetts that race for cash
10:44 P.M.]: vipers??
Nissan240sxPOS [10:44 P.M.]: i know of 2 vipers, one is stock, the other ios supposedly modded but hasnt left the garage for like 2 years realy
[10:45 P.M.]: iam up for it
[10:45 P.M.]: u wanna race?
Nissan240sxPOS [10:45 P.M.]: my cars drift only
[10:45 P.M.]: yea drift is fun
[10:46 P.M.]: i did it at ecc once befor
[10:46 P.M.]: it was gay there
[10:46 P.M.]: i like doing 100mph and turning in a fig 8
Nissan240sxPOS [10:46 P.M.]: well thats more autocross at ecc
[10:46 P.M.]: go to nopi nationals
[10:47 P.M.]: theres some driffting
Nissan240sxPOS [10:47 P.M.]: f that … i drift the backroads
[10:47 P.M.]: u ever here of kustom workz
Nissan240sxPOS [10:47 P.M.]: yea
[10:47 P.M.]: i have there honda car
Nissan240sxPOS [10:47 P.M.]: ah
[10:48 P.M.]: they have the neon and i have the honda i did every thing my self but they support the car
Nissan240sxPOS [10:48 P.M.]: cool
[10:48 P.M.]: iam getting sick of it though there dicks
[10:49 P.M.]: hey any chicks aurond?
[10:49 P.M.]: where u from
Nissan240sxPOS [10:49 P.M.]: im just down the street from KW
[10:49 P.M.]: o yea where at
Nissan240sxPOS [10:49 P.M.]: seneca creek
[10:49 P.M.]: no shit
[10:49 P.M.]: iam off of clition street
Nissan240sxPOS [10:51 P.M.]: how long have u been in the area ?
[10:51 P.M.]: half the year