how much does comcast charge for hdtv?

just wondering because i cant find a price on teh website. Thanks.

Its absolutely free… but comcast sucks though imho.

Yea, if you have an HDTV then they just give you a different box, but you have to have digital cable.

But the HD channels blow. Theres like 10 of them, and most of the channels have black on both sides of the pictures.

even with a widescreen tv?

Comcast provides several HD channels but you’ll only see HD if the program is available in HD and the station / service provider are broadcasting the program in HD (720p or 1080i/1080p)…

If you’re seeing black on the left and right of the picture on an HD channel, the program is either not available in HD or the service provider is not broadcasting the program in HD.


HD is only in letterbox/widescreen, so if its not in letterbox then the show is not in HD

& cable HD is not that great…OTA or dish/direct is better.
& Dish Network bought out voom so it has the biggest HD channel selection…about 23 total i think.
where cable & direct only have like 10-12 or so.

its a online tv guide that tells you whats in highdef & you can pick what your provider is: cable, Dish, Direct

finding an antenna for OTA is a pain… cause well i really dont wanna pay 100 for a couple stations. if i can find a good out door antenna with 100 mile range i’m all in. but till then i’ll go with cable.

Someone’s just biased… haha

You have to call in and have them add the HDTV codes to the account. You also need to make sure you have an HDTV box. Once they turn the codes on then it opens up the channels that have HDTV. You can also get the video cables that you need at any Comcast service center. DVI, HDMI, etc…

hdmi isnt supported atleast not yet just dvi.

btw the street in your sig looks really familiar… I grew up in sheraden right next to elliot.

Yeah HDMI isn’t supported yet but I do believe the cables are available at the centers.

The street is in the South Side off of 2nd Street right past Station Sq. I live in Elliott by the Overlook.

well guess i’m fucked all i have is hdmi ports…