How Much to Resurface a Flywheel?

What would i be looking at to Resurface a stock Sr20det flywheel and maybe shave off a little weight? Does anyone have any shops that they recomend?

Rick at RT Motorsports does great work… resurfaced/lightened flywheel will run you around $200… not the cheapest around, but he’s a good, honest mechanic who stands behind his work.

I resurfaced my flywheel… not lightened, but just resurfaced.

$50 at my local machine shop.

Most places charge between $50-$60 to spin your flywheel and get it all nice and shiny :lol:

I wouldn’t lighten a stock flywheel. As someone else pointed out you could loose your feet unless it’s done 100% right. If you want a lighter F/wheel better off getting a after market aluminum one.


I talked to a guy who work in Mister Transmission, he said those aftermarket Aluminum flywheel is also possible to shatter and cut off your feet. So I just lighened and resurface my stock SR20det flywheel and it runs great.

Alright, all i really want to do is resurface. The beinfits from a 15 lb streetable flywheel vs a 21 lb sr isnt going to make 400 dollars US worth of difference to me.

Also you say dont resurface it because you have read stuff about it ruining the integrity, well ive also read that a un surfaced flywheel with score marks can ruin your new clutch…sounds almost as bad to me :stuck_out_tongue:

So im looking at 50 bucks to resurface? Where should i take it to any machine shop?

I have no expereance with machine shops at all.

i’d just like to point out that any incompetant jerk can resurface a flywheel if he has the right tools. If you have access to a highschool machine show you could do it free.

But 50 or 60 is about right, nice thing is you can take it almost anywhere and it will turn out the same.

Thanks alot man, you cleared up another question for me :smiley:

me? yah i do come off that way sometimes. I’ll work on it. :slight_smile:

But 200 is a good deal if your having it lightened.
All i ment was that just like brakes, anybody can turn them. Look at the guys at crappytire or partsource. Just highschool kids(for the most part) and they do a fine job. But Somthing like lightening takes actual skill to do, you can’t just go in and say take off a few .100" here and there, you know what i mean?

I know fidanza flywheel are very famous, but their material might not be the best and I am not sure about their quality too. My friend bought one for his M3 a few months ago, there were some kind of weird noise when installed. And then there were a call back from the supplier, they basically just refunded all of them from the market.

resurfacing the brake rotor is very different than flywheel. I went to a machine shop before. They lay the flywheel flat and then the grinding part turn and resurface it. Also that you have to balance it too.

just get yourself a mill, maker sure the peice is level(dial indicater) and then take ane even cut off of it with a 4-8" cutter with carbide blades. Super fast speed, Mirror finish. SIMPLE.