How to launch:

Stop at light.
Prepare camera.
Slip clutch.

This should result in minimal tire-spin, very slight bog, and a nice kick in the pants.

FWD - Do not try this at home.
right click save as:

:lol: at the face of determination…

Though, that used to be fun :frowning:

lol… i had to kill the AC… I was sweating my balls off.

Anyone having problems with the links?

The first link worked when i saved it, not by clicking on it

ok, some people are having problems.

you suck at the internet.

o shit…AGAIN…? NIce! finally got the shit working…I suck!:slight_smile:

Grip-'n-go :tup:

you’re so cute

blah, link isn’t working for me


copy and paste it into ur address bar, it’ll play!

i right clicked and saved the first link


Page Not Found

Please check the link or URL and try again.

looks slow :wink:

You don’t look very happy.

doesn’t quite work. so i’lltake your word.

I downloaded it, took 25 min but works fine for me lol Slow comp > me. Your tranny must love you.

:word:, good vid, <3 the afs chromies too :slight_smile:

Thats pretty good but real wheel drive is still the best.