How To Plan An Event


Bump for anybody who’s planning an event or a cruise or any sort of an event this year.


We really should start planning an event so we can plan it around vacations and work. With more members than ever it could be big.


There has been a small mustang get together on the last few Friday nights, about a dozen mustangs were there, also a corvette, viper and Lightening truck, wondering what the deal is? It’s at the Advance auto and Raymour Parking lot on route 9 (Right off exit 9) Wondering if anyone would be interested in going this Friday night the weather is suppose to be good??? Any details or comments would help


Not to be a downer but you do know the Halfmoon Sheriffs basically park themselves across Route 9 for most nights, including Friday, straight diagonal shot from that location…


yess Ok Thank For You SoMuch!