A few things that the originator of an event should do..

I’m fairly good at organizing events to make things go as smoothly as possible. With that said, here are a few things that I’d like to see the originator of an event do…

1)Have the date/time/location of the event in the thread title and update it as needed. Have the same information in the original post, along with an attendance list that you can keep updated at least a few times a week, and more frequently if the event is on short notice. Provide directions/links to the destination as applicable.

2)Don’t flake out! Sure, stuff happens (hell I could not make it to one of the crusies I set up due to work related issues), but if you’re somehow proven to be flaking due to the fact that you went to the movies instead, alarm didn’t go off, etc, you’ll be prohibited from trying to set up new events. It’s one thing if you waste your own time, but it’s totally unacceptable to waste other peoples time, vacation time from work, etc. Banning someone from making new events will be a case by case basis, but hopefully with good planning we won’t have to go there.

  1. If it’s an outdoor event, consider posting a rain date, even before the event has a chance on getting cancelled due to weather.

4)Once people start to meet up, step up and introduce yourself to people that don’t know you, and help other people do the same. At almost every LG meet this year, some fairly unknown faces came and left and I never knew it. I felt bad for them because they did not know anyone and didn’t want to feel awkward walking up to the wrong group, etc. This again will vary due to the situation, but you guys know what I mean.

I’ll add to this, and feel free to post up with suggestions! I’m all for doing more fun stuff “IRL” vs. sitting behind the computer.


OsoiNA6’s sticky is still in effect and he also makes some great points!

Just to add, even thought it’s been said before.

Do not try to organize an event if you’re not ready to be the only person to show up that morning/day at the location.

Seen it too many times “looks like there is no interest so I’m cancelling”, sure you may not have gotten 40 people like you wanted, but you also just walked out on the 4 others that wanted and would have participated.

a couple tips from my days of planning 30-40 car meetups with the tristate celica/matrix crowd.

  1. don’t plan an event too far in advance. the excitement dies out well before the event, and people are more likely to bail. 1 month advance notice always seemed to get the biggest crowd for me

  2. you come up with the time/date/place. asking a few friends for help is fine, but posting up “where do you guys want to meetup” is a sure bet for confusion. You pick the time/date/place, and stick to it. You’ll always get a few people saying “i can’t make it that weekend, i have to comb grandmas hair” screw em! they can make the next one.

Good points ITT.


My advice from organizing the ROFLwagens BBQ:

Make people personally invest themselves in your event. “If you don’t bring the ice we’ll all be fucked!” it makes people take ownership of the event.

You cannot accommodate everyone. You are going to pick a time and date and someone will have to work, or go to their girlfriends great cousin’s funeral. DO NOT change the date.

Include everyone. NEVER tell someone they can’t come. EVERYONE is ALWAYS invited. There’s nothing exclusive about owning a certain brand of car or whatever.

Find a location that works rain or shine if possible.

More people who didn’t post will show up the day of the event.

Build momentum on the sites you posted on. You can’t just post and never show up again. People will think your event will suck.

NEVER PLAY TECHNO MUSIC AT VOLUME 11. (That’s what I’ve learned from going to VW/Audi car shows over the years at least)

Some good tips in here!