How To Plan An Event

It’s nice to see people take the initiative in planning events. I’m not an expert by any means but from past failures I have learned the following things that help. I hope they are of use.

(6) Be specific

Even if it’s a feeler, be sure to say WHAT you are doing, WHERE you are doing it, and WHY you are going to go. Sure, it sounds redundant but ONLY IF you are asking the same old people. If you want to encourage others to join the fun, they’ll need to know this information too!

Take some time to write about your event. Use pictures and include a link to the place for those interested to take it beyond your description.

Don’t assume everyone will click the link so be sure to provide plenty of information up front.

(5) Give advance notice

Advance notice is highly appreciated, as people have jobs, significant others, army of temporary part time lovers, baby moms/dads, etc that need to be planned around.

Plus if the event costs some money it gives people time to save up.

(4) Be proactive and do things yourself

Find out as much as you can ahead of time about availability, cost, time required.

Nothing disappoints like planning an event only to find out “the track isn’t open” a week prior. Make a couple of phone calls, use up the ol’ friends and family minutes left over from last month.

Don’t rely on the grapevine- assume nothing because you are in charge and attendees have entrusted you with plans for their time and you need to deliver. That’s the bottom line.

Also, if you stopped reading here and said to yourself “what the #$# man this is a lot of work!”, well yes event planning is always work.

Last time I checked, four word posts and a couple of text messages to the homies did NOT result in a successful group outing.

(3) Consider the needs of others

Just because you are cool with skipping breakfast and lunch or driving at 90 mph down public highways doesn’t mean the rest of the group is.

Plan for time to eat, make rest stops, and be realistic with travel times. Use the actual travel times from a route in Google Maps and then add time as necessary for any stops.

(2) Keep us updated

As it gets closer to the event date, drum up some more interest by posting updates in the original thread.

If there are no updates, uninhibited trash talk is a good substitute, especially where a speed contest is involved.

(1) Follow through!!!

Number one rule.

If you plan an event, you have to be 100% in from the day you set it off. You need to plan to be there even if you are the ONLY ONE THERE.

Also, if you show any signs of flaking or being iffy on your own event, it will be a big letdown and unfortunately others may doubt you next time you are trying to do something.

Maintain credibility.

Plan a good event and people will be down for the next one.


(1a) Fuck bitches, get money.

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I think you’ve already got em covered, what with all the puppies being spit out over there.

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Good post. +rep


Fantastic write up from the expert himself.


Archie has never have had an event that was a let down, and knows how to plan as he’s been all over the world and has always found his way back home.

No man left behind!

A few things to add.

An amendment to the follow through to 1 - plan to attend the event even if you’re the only one who’s going to show up. In that case you can go home if you so desire from the get go. You lose all credibility if others take their time to show up and have high expectations but you decided it wasn’t worth it.

  1. Take pictures and cover the event, update the thread after to show the others what they have missed, and use the photography as reference for future events and the redux.

  2. No man left behind. Be a baby sitter if you have to but you don’t want to lose somebody on the “field trip” just because of traffic, circumstances, honest mistake of lack of attention. Have everybody’s contact information and provide walkie talkies for easy communication.

+rep as well, anyone can take points from this and apply them!

With that being said, do you or another staff member want to try and get another GPNY trip going, Archie? :smiley:

It hasn’t been demonstrated at any Shift events but, include hot women, maybe even some CP to an event and watch all the forum nerds flock!!

I’m always down for karting but I can’t make any hard commitments for January / February as we are preparing for new family addition and I have some work travel too etc… I’ll consult with V man and see about a picnic in Spring, although I’m sure he’s gonna kill me since I just remembered I still have his work lamp (yikes).

So true, but don’t some guys drive to Hot Import Nutz and some of the other shows where these “models” flock?

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:rofl Yeah good points! I forgot a lot of shifters are gay! My bad, sorry guys!

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