HUGE SALE:Greddy Turbo Kit (KA24DE), Aero, clutch+flywheel

Item: 90% complete Greddy Turbo Kit
Items are used, in good condition, there are many people who have seen this setup and I’m quite confident that they will vouch for how reliable this powerful setup is. Running at 10psi, I was at 260whp and 270+ft/lbs - these figures can be verified by a number of members on this forum.
Located in Mississauga

$400 - Greddy Cast iron manifold
$500 - Greddy TD06 20G Actuator Style Turbo + elbow - great condition, no play
$150 - Larger 370cc Top-feed Injectors w/ hi-flow fuel rail (Does not include injector connectors)
$300 - preprogrammed E-Manage Piggy back computer
$200 - Hotpipe w/ Greddy Type RS BOV
Make offer - Damage coldpipe (Can be used with some creative bending)
Make offer - Megan Racing Front Mount intercooler (damage, I can have it fix, or you can fix it yourself)

Item: Stage 4 Competition Clutch + lightweight flywheel
Price: $600 for both
Separately: $400 for clutch and pressure plate, $300 for flywheel

Item: Nissan Brake Cylinder
I’m not sure which car it is from, but it does have ABS and it is bigger than stock S14 BMC
Price: $80

Item: Kouki S14 JDM Front Grill
2 tabs are missing from the back, but the grille can be held in place by zipties (invisibly). I konw this because this is what I did
Price: $120

Item: Nismo 270R Rear Bumper + Valences - Replica
Price: $300

It’s made from plastic - not as brittle as fiberglass

Item: S14 USDM 5 lug FRONT calipers + pads + rotors
Asking Price: $125 OBO
Condition: Used

5lug USDM brakes for S14. Comes with everything but lines.

Please keep all posts and replies related to the sale.

Any other questions not related can be sent to me via PM.

Do you have rear 5 lug aswell?

Possibly in the near future, but I’m not confirming that. THis is what I have for now.

Now accepting offers for part-out.

These are good quality parts good for beyond 300whp, easily - run a search on google before you make a reasonable offer.

I’m down for the turbo if I can afford it Sam.

Thank you for the offers.

Just to inform the public and to be fair - this manifold will not sell for $150, and the turbo will not sell for $300. I think you can draw your own conclusions for the kind of offers I’ve rec’ved.

For those who asked, the flange on the turbo and the manifold are T3 so you can use a different turbo or manifold if you wish.

Taking best offer on rear bumper and brakes.

Still accepting offers on part-out of the KA-T set up and clutch+flywheel kit.

Rear strut and c-pillar tentatively sold.

Accepting offers on other items.

Price drop on kit - $2250 or reasonable offer

not to shit on you but if you dont mind me asking what you actually paid for this you can om me if you want but that price is kinda high for this setup unless your including clutch etc


lol im really new to this but what does bump mean? and do you still have the full ka-t kit? thanks

AEM wideband also available.

This thread +

= win

No one’s got the balls to do it, Cal :slight_smile:

Bump, injectors are 370cc (same as stock SR20)

Thanks for interest


Bump - taking reasonable offers, slightly negotiable

Would you be willing to part the kit?